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    When I am inside of a text message and I click on the contacts name who I am talking to, instead of giving you the option to call them or view their contact card it just takes me to the contacts page and says select contact.

    It wasn't always like this. Before I wiped my phone and restored from backup clicking on the persons name in a txt would bring up their profile card with an option to text or call them.

    I just added a new contact and the new one I added brings this Window up. Why the heck doesn't it do it for all my other contacts anymore. It acts like they aren't contacts in my phone book when they are.

    Any ideas how to fix this?

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    06-28-13 08:15 PM
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    06-29-13 04:05 PM
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    Mine did this for a few of my texting contacts. I had to delete our message conversations and began a new thread. Since then it's been fine. My guess is something went weird after a BlackBerry Link sync. After my first contacts sync, my text message threads were losing contact photos. I haven't had the problem since.

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    06-29-13 04:18 PM
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    Awesome!! That fixes the problem for me,


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    06-29-13 06:01 PM
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    Awesome!! That fixes the problem for me,


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    That's great news! I'm glad I was able to help

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    06-29-13 11:27 PM

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