04-22-13 02:23 PM
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  1. PN009's Avatar
    This just came in the mail a couple of minutes ago.

    Just thought I'd share it with anyone using their apps. I'll reach out to them on Twitter; but it'll be great if other CB members can help gather momentum to support this. We've seen apps like Pageonce announce support after we reached out and made some noise. Hopefully we can get banks to change their tune or make a statement about their plans for BB10 as well.

    Chase Bank no longer offers app for BlackBerry-chase.jpg
    03-21-13 04:50 PM
  2. seemsixty7's Avatar
    I just rec'd this too! I replied with "I hope you are developing a better app to run on the new Blackberry Z10"
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    03-21-13 04:55 PM
  3. DatMisterB's Avatar
    Close your account(s) and send them an e-mail.

    We want you to be aware of a change. Starting now, you'll no longer have my business from no longer supporting BlackBerry devices. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience.

    You will still be able to access my business by restoring support for BlackBerry devices.


    03-21-13 04:55 PM
  4. jkhoward1969's Avatar
    What hashtag will you be using so it can trend and I can piggyback on it?
    03-21-13 05:01 PM
  5. marcosis's Avatar
    I just received that email 20 minutes ago. I hope they're developing an app for BB10 but just in case they're not(which is my guess), lets annoy the **** out of them and demand an app. I'm sure the BlackBerry Dev team would be more than willing to help them with the process.
    03-21-13 05:06 PM
  6. PN009's Avatar

    Gentlemen, fire your Tweet Engines.....
    03-21-13 05:10 PM
  7. Kingkracker's Avatar
    Annoying is the word but I'm all for bombarding them with tweets and emails.
    03-21-13 05:12 PM
  8. jkhoward1969's Avatar
    What hashtag though? #BBMobileApp?
    03-21-13 05:13 PM
  9. PN009's Avatar
    What hashtag though? #BBMobileApp?
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    03-21-13 05:14 PM
  10. anon(3310921)'s Avatar
    Let 'em know you want a Blackberry 10 app!!!!

    Chase Online: Contact Us
    03-21-13 05:26 PM
  11. LewLew23's Avatar
    I just got this email too. This is ridiculous. Time to tweet away I guess!
    03-21-13 05:32 PM
  12. imcurved's Avatar
    The only way is to send Chase a request email for a BB10 app.
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    03-21-13 05:40 PM
  13. beatsandlife's Avatar
    they want US (chase customers) to use mobile web. what is this? 2009?
    03-21-13 06:16 PM
  14. ErinnM's Avatar
    UH WHY? Is there a reason behind this?
    03-21-13 06:19 PM
  15. beatsandlife's Avatar
    my message to Chase: @Chasesupport so, with the email today regarding the lack of support for BlackBerry devices. I'm sure you're brewing up for #BB10. Right?
    03-21-13 06:27 PM
  16. DAY1000's Avatar
    Yeah, far too many security features for the likes of Chase to want to deal with it, LOL!!!
    03-21-13 06:29 PM
  17. T_Touch's Avatar
    what's the reason?
    03-21-13 07:38 PM
  18. Barriecuda's Avatar
    I'm assuming that they didn't build anything specific for 10. Which means I also assume that they don't want to invest the resources (manpower, IT, etc) in managing apps for three builds (5.0, 7.0 and 10.)
    03-21-13 07:44 PM
  19. kidkamel's Avatar
    I spoke to them after receiving the email and they said they are seeing a heavier traffic from iOS and Android users and very little from BlackBerry. They feel its not worth supporting anymore which I feel is disappointing. I even asked the rep to forward my complaint.
    03-21-13 07:45 PM
  20. PN009's Avatar
    I understand their point.. but I'm sure they have an app for Windows Phone. They barely have traction.

    And on the slow traffic from BlackBerry users- their old app for BlackBerry Bold and other devices were a very bad effort... almost like a Web app...so they can't blame people for not using them..

    Posted via CB10
    03-21-13 07:51 PM
  21. PeterWGPS's Avatar
    Chase is just playing the numbers. Or, I wonder who Apple of Google bank with??? I have tweeted my displeasure.
    03-21-13 07:59 PM
  22. ubermanx's Avatar
    Conspiracy theory time.

    This can't be a coincidence that they sent this email out at USA Z10 launch.

    And the numbers argument don't fly as the Windows app can't have that many more users.

    Posted via CB10
    03-21-13 10:54 PM
  23. kidkamel's Avatar
    Chase is just playing the numbers. Or, I wonder who Apple of Google bank with??? I have tweeted my displeasure.
    I did the same and they responded with you can still access it from your phone's browser
    03-21-13 11:16 PM
  24. PN009's Avatar
    I did the same and they responded with you can still access it from your phone's browser
    Why don't they offer the same option to ios and android users. Why single out BB?

    Posted via CB10
    03-21-13 11:18 PM
  25. anon(375378)'s Avatar
    Ugh, I received this crap email today as well.
    03-21-13 11:22 PM
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