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    Bought a NOKIA Lumia 525 recently @ a very budget friendly price, which is about 40% of the price of Z10 off contract. This was suppose to be given for my mum use, to replace her current Xperia J. Customization is still in process to make it user friendly for me old lady.

    I have good, but not great impressions on Z10 picture capture qualities. However, i find that the user interface on Z10 is still not up to my expectation. One such example, the constant autofocus, which i would much prefer to be replace with one touch focus which is available on my 9860 and 9520.
    Physical camera button is a plus to be, but missing on the Z.

    Perhaps some folks will feel unfair on the comparison, 5mpx vs 8mpx, low end vs mid end.
    For fairness, both phones are set to capture on 4:3 ratio, scene set to auto, light sensitivity set to bright sun.
    After capture, pictures are post cropped to 16:9 ratio.

    (TOP)525 shots
    (bottom)Z10 shots

    Temple roof under the night-


    525 win!

    Festive Street Deco(far shot)-


    Z10 win!

    Festive Street Deco(far shot)-


    Z10 wins marginally.

    Festive Market crowds-


    Z10 wins!

    Shops SignBoards-


    525 wins! Z10 lose for easily affected by surrounding strong lights.

    Festive Street Lightings-


    Draw! 525 wins on clarity, Z10 wins on color vibrancy.

    Golden Horse-


    Draw! 525 wins on less influence by surrounding street lights, Z10 wins on color vibracy.

    Golden Horse(far shot)-


    Z10 wins marginally for better color vibrancy.
    01-25-14 12:06 PM
  2. confucius's Avatar
    Thanks for comparing them. I think the colors in Z10 photos are closer to the real colors.
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    01-25-14 12:15 PM
  3. Ed YANG's Avatar
    Undeniably, Z10 captures more color than the NOKIA. However in some of the snaps, sometime, the pictures may turn out too "manufactured" on color. And if you notice, there may have some pinkish hues. Z10 pictures is still tends to be affected by surrounding lights in the dark, while NOKIA excels on capturing lesser "beams".
    01-25-14 09:17 PM
  4. vrud's Avatar
    What do you mean by saying physical button is missing? Z10 can take pictures by pressing volume up or down physical buttons.

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    01-25-14 09:23 PM
  5. Ed YANG's Avatar
    yes... i know that i can just press on the volume button.
    What i mean is that, the dedicated camera button like 9860 and 9520 which the user can press and hold to focus, then push to capture.
    01-25-14 09:32 PM
  6. Uzi's Avatar
    A challenge from the ultra budget friendly LUMIA 525, Z10 still ROCKS!-img_20140126_113530.png
    You can prees and hold the square to focus

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    01-25-14 09:38 PM
  7. lynxs_claw's Avatar
    yes... i know that i can just press on the volume button.
    What i mean is that, the dedicated camera button like 9860 and 9520 which the user can press and hold to focus, then push to capture.
    If you want to fix the focal length on the z10, all you have to do is push and hold your finger on the square focus window in the middle of the camera screen. It'll pulse twice and lock for you. This can be done in the camera and video mode. I'm pretty sure it's got this capability in 10.2 and for sure in 10.2.1. I can't remember for sure on 10.2 because I sideloaded the latest camera on my z10 which has face detect as well.

    Update: usman_hidayat19, you beat me to it
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    01-25-14 09:40 PM
  8. Andrew4life's Avatar
    I noticed that the photos are not always of the EXACT same scene. E.g. The last set the Z10 had more of the blue sign in focus than the Lumia.
    Even minor differences can cause the picture to look completely different because of how the software does post processing etc. So not all of these are fair comparisons.
    Still, good to see the Z10 stacks up not too badly in most cases.

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    01-25-14 10:06 PM

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