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    I live in the US, but when I was in the UK recently, I bought an unlocked Z10 so that I can use different sims in it while traveling to other countries. For some reason, when I go to Kazakhstan the local sim from KCell does not work in the Z10 to get Internet. I am told it's because that carrier does not support BB. Is there anything I can do (e.g., set the settings manually) to get it to work? Appreciate your help.

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    05-04-13 08:57 PM
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    Oh sorry, I should add that I can connect to the internet via WiFi, but not through the sim.

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    05-04-13 08:59 PM
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    Does not support BBerry? Maybe the radio in your Z10 does not support the local frequencies?
    05-04-13 09:33 PM
  4. xamdam's Avatar
    Yes if the carrier does not support the Z10 frequencies or even have their network setup to use a BlackBerry Z10 device. Then of course you will not be able to use their network.

    I suggest picking up a BlackBerry device as a second device that will work on their network this way you have the best of both worlds in most countries, so make sure the second device is old enough to be useful in most countries that the Z10 is not.

    I suggest a bold 9000 unlocked, but me sure to look at the carriers frequencies to me sure the devices will work.

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    05-04-13 09:42 PM
  5. KR2013's Avatar
    Thanks for the responses. I will look into the frequency compatibility issue. I was also going to talk to some company IT guys here to see if they have any information on this.

    By the way, I always liked the look of BOLD 9900. I will definitely consider it.

    Posted via Z10
    05-04-13 11:53 PM

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