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    Hi. No matter who much I read at the Blackberry website, nothing seems to work.
    Can't transfer BBM data for my old Bold 9780 to my new Z10.
    Followed the online tutorial using USB cables and Blackberry Link software.
    Sent an email from the bold to Blackberry ID address, signed in to same BBID on the Z10, hit "restore using email" on the Z10's BBM app page, and nothing but a spinning circle of death.
    I can't use "restore using device switch", as per Blackberry's tuutorial says that only works if the BBM software on the Bold is V.7.0 or higher (mines
    Neither reps at Blackberry or TMobile had any clue.
    Everything else transferred fine from Blackberry Link (phone contacts), but no BBM data, contacts, etc.
    I've read loads of entries here, and found no solution.
    Hoping someone with the same hardware has done this correctly, 'cause right now I'm thinking "is Android this difficult"?
    any suggestions are good.
    04-05-14 06:12 PM
  2. bhrgvr's Avatar
    I think it is possible to save the info on a flash card and the do a device switch... read it someplace.
    04-05-14 08:19 PM
  3. Roweazie's Avatar
    I hope this help. You need to first update your 9780 os to os 7 or higher. Then follow steps bellow.


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    04-05-14 09:31 PM

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