1. walmanbb's Avatar
    Hi guys, I am trying to move my data from my Z10 to a PD P'9982 and these two options haven't worked. I have since then formatted the card and then tried to save data again on the Z10 but that option is gone, all that is given is a series of help options. I have also downloaded the device switch app but the phones are not recognising each other although they are paired and can move file to file if that makes any sense. Any help would be sincerely appreciated.
    09-16-14 07:06 PM
  2. kimoi's Avatar
    The device switch app is only for BBOS (6 or 7) to BB10. Formatting a media card means you wipe all data, so there's no recovery possible after that, I'm sorry. Have you ever made a back up though Link?

    Posted via CB10
    09-16-14 07:08 PM
  3. walmanbb's Avatar
    Thanks kimoi, I have still have the data on my Z10 so I'm trying to resave it on my media card and then move it across but now there is no option under device switch to do that, just a series of help options.
    09-16-14 07:12 PM
  4. kimoi's Avatar
    Device switch is only possible when you want to transfer from an old BBOS 6 or 7 to BB10 phone. Not from a BB10 to another BB10 phone. Therefore you don't have to search through device switch.

    Saving to your media card will only save pictures, music and documents. Not app data or settings. To do that, I advice you to make a back up on your computer through Link, and restore it on your new phone.

    Posted via CB10
    09-16-14 07:20 PM
  5. walmanbb's Avatar
    Thanks for this will give it a shot, makes sense
    kimoi likes this.
    09-16-14 08:34 PM

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