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    I have a Z10 which has undergone numerous Leaked Updates. I updated to TMO USA official release (non destructive) No Problem. I wanted to make clean reload. But before I did, I downgraded to version 2141 (destructive ) No problem there. Phones works fine but for the life of me, it wont reload Original OS from TMO
    I tried from phone.. always says I have latest version.
    I tried BB Link on Mac and I get "Cannot Repair error: No Updates found"
    I tried BB Link on Win and I get No Updates found
    I tried Explorer (Browser) and I get no update found..

    I even downgraded to 10.1 and same error.

    I called TMO tech and they say their system shows I have their latest OS( even though I was running when I made the call...

    They are sending me a replacement unit.. but I would prefer to get this fix than the replacement unit..
    Any help will do.
    The Phone runs all the leaked OS including the (just loaded) it just wont do Reload no matter what.
    03-19-14 04:43 PM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry!

    Usually 'Original OS' is the latest (or a version before the latest - server propagation) OS version available from that carrier idem for BB Link factory reset e.g. you won't get a 10.2.0.xxxx version unless you've kept a Sachesi copy of it.

    As for the 'errors' you are getting you may wish to try:-

    03-19-14 06:39 PM

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