06-28-14 05:01 AM
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  1. aelaan's Avatar
    Nez, please check the email provided and find more in depth information to try to resolve this. Take your time to go through all of the information and please do ask for help if something is not clear.


    03-08-13 09:33 PM
  2. nez101's Avatar
    Al, thanks for getting back to me again. Actually I have not received anything in my email yet. I again want to put the email address up so that you have the right email add. it is drivenbybeauty@hotmail.com..
    thanks again,

    03-08-13 11:47 PM
  3. latarnik's Avatar
    I know all people who instelled BB Link without a problem think that if someone DOES have a problem, it must be their system/machine, etc. But it might not be the case.

    I have tried to install BB Link on my old laptop with Windows XP - it failed. The installer quit with a message, that it could not complete the installation, but all the files will be removed. They were not, the icon was on the desktop, but it was crushing the system when I tried to start it.

    I thought it was my old system, perhaps the old Desktop Manager application, or something similar. But today I have tried to install BB Link (freshly downloaded) on the new laptop with Windows 8, straight out of the box, with no BB ever connected to it before, no other software installed. Guess what? Exactly the same effect! Installer is quitting, desktop icon stays, but does not work. Repairing doesn't work, at list uninstall option worked fine.

    I have no idea what is the reason. Perhaps it has something to do with language version and country selection? These are the only settings I am changing when installing - despite being in Poland I am choosing English versions. Might this be a problem?
    03-17-13 04:48 AM
  4. stngray's Avatar
    I had same issue ... is it by chance an ASUS laptop or 63 bit Windows8? My laptop couldn't (and still can't) install it but it worked fine on my surface pro which is what I'm using. At work, a few of us all have ASUS laptops and all have had issues with it. Not sure if it's something with ASUS specifically or what.
    03-18-13 06:57 AM
  5. akavbb's Avatar
    worked like a charm on my acer win8 64bit pro laptop.
    Tested it yesterday in preparation for my zeeeee arrival on Thursday.
    03-18-13 07:44 AM
  6. allspices's Avatar
    i cant install blackberry link on my windows 8, how to solve
    04-04-13 12:17 PM
  7. evetreve's Avatar
    I have the same problem as you, Nez - did you find a solution in the end? Would be great, if you could share that with me.
    07-23-13 10:49 AM
  8. faysalabedin's Avatar
    I have been using windows 8 version, and I had installed BB link software, I was having problem with BB mobile set Q5 camera not working, as a result as per their instruction I have to download new BB link and install and do the necessary step, I have uninstalled my old BB link and downloaded the new one and while I was installing at 95% time its rolling back automatic and saying that trying again later. like this way I did so many times but same problem, can not install new bb link please advice me what should I do.
    11-17-13 10:36 AM
  9. helenahubert's Avatar
    Hi guys, I am a crackhead and had just about all of the BB phones. I am now going from a 9900 to a q10, and sadly I also cannot get the bb link to install.
    I am in Australia, and with vodafone, they are struggling to help as voda have now moved away from bbs and don't sell them or have plans for them.
    I have an ASUS as well, and have NEVER had an issue with bb software or phones. I had to get an iphone and sell to buy to q10 as voda had nothing bb. I have resisted all influences to go to iphone or droid, and am so peeved now with this, that if I cannot back up the q10 or sync, what is the use of having it? my 9900 is now getting old and over loved- I need a new cell.
    I get to the end of the install, and i get this message
    "some of the previous versions of the software could not be emoved. please make sure that no other application is using these files"........and then it rolls back.
    I have followed all threads, spent over one week on this, booted and rebooted so many times that I have rsi (lol) and I am not sure why or wtf can be done, but with no back up software, this phone, sadly is not an option. I used the 9900 to death, extracted texts for court purposes, used all sorts of apps and all was well.
    now, 6 months later in this thread, nothing seems to have changed.
    IS THERE A SOLUTION, CAN ANYONE HELP ME? I adore bb and am horriied that i will have to go to another cell JUSTbecause of this stupid no installation issue!! kindly HH
    06-15-14 01:55 AM
  10. Beakman's Avatar
    Revo Uninstaller Pro is your friend.
    06-15-14 06:16 AM
  11. helenahubert's Avatar
    Hi beakman.....I'll try that. Hell. I'll try anything. Problem is.......there's nothing to uninstall as nothing installed. That I can find that is. What do I uninstall exactly? Kindly HH
    06-15-14 06:37 AM
  12. Beakman's Avatar
    Hi beakman.....I'll try that. Hell. I'll try anything. Problem is.......there's nothing to uninstall as nothing installed. That I can find that is. What do I uninstall exactly? Kindly HH
    The revo uninstaller will hunt down fragments or stubborn files that are normally hidden. If nothing shows up on initial scan, re-install Link and sic uninstaller on it.

    Also, MalwareBytes is very good at eliminating the seemingly innocuous uglies that come with bloatware or downloaded "helpers" that bork competing or other programs.
    06-15-14 11:09 AM
  13. PatrickMJS's Avatar

    I have BlackBerry Link working fine on my Windows 8 Asus laptop, 64 bit.

    1. Please verify that you have installed all the windows updates that are available. This includes the update to Windows 8.1, plus several subsequent updates. This step is critical.

    2. Go into your Windows Control Panel, go to Add/remove programs and search for all BlackBerry software. Go ahead and delete all of it.

    3. Go to BlackBerry.com and download a fresh copy of BlackBerry Link for Windows. Install it. After Link has been installed, open it, then connect your phone to the computer via usb. Wait a few minutes for the new drivers to be installed for first use.

    At this point you "should" be up and running. Link works really good for me. No problems. Although I do keep the "connect over wifi" feature turned off so my phone only connects to Link via usb.

    Posted via CB10
    06-15-14 11:21 AM
  14. helenahubert's Avatar
    Hi Patrickn and Beakman..
    I'll give all of that go (when I can get the 3 yr old occupied with peppa pig or 30 mins!lol)
    Patrick, should say, my asus is 32 bit, and re windows updates, I have no idea how to check that as i am computer literate,just not savvy.
    Vodafone blackberry escalation team are callingback at 10am today, so i'll have to let them have a go, but i'll reiterate these points to them. Staring at my shiny white q10 and wanting to use it so much now.
    thanks boys, will post back after following your steps and the crack team have had a remote play on my brick. kindly HH.
    06-15-14 06:57 PM
  15. helenahubert's Avatar
    hi patrick and beakman............
    well after 5 hours on the phone with the vodafone blackberry man, and another 3 hours of mucking around, my ASUS vista ultimate 32 bit 4gb CPU T9400 2.53 GHz laptop has simply lost the plot.
    when trying to install Link, BBDTM was uninstalled, now it cannot be reinstalled from downloaded software due to exactly the same error as link, and when i ust the 4.2 version disk to install, it will complete, but then upon opening, windows crashes is an shuts it down before you can do anything. So now I have no desktopmanager to backup my 9900, cannot install BBDTM and cannot get link on either.............and all with the same errror message.................."Some of the files of the previous versions of the software could not be removed. Please make sure no other applications are using these files"
    the BB expert advised against malaware or pro uninstall, their reasons being that the software could be corrupt!! He ram sfc/ scannow commands, %appdata%, cdm.exe, sysconfig, disabled all services at start up considering the error message suggests another app using files, uninstalled anything bb, reinstalled, downloaded, etc etc etc....................5 hours straight................and nothing.............in fact, the computer is now worse off, and i have two phones that cannot be synced or back up............and I am quite concerned, as of course, this needs to happen for lots of reasons.............including the worry of the 9900 packing up and no back up.
    the advice given now was to take it to the pc man and have it checked. all for bb link to be installed. I am just in major shock that a week ago i had a beautiful old computer that worked well,ad now I have so many issues. WTF had link done to the windows os, or vice versa? bb team said my operatimg syste, is more than ample and should not be the reason for installation not happening and roll back. we did searched for the corrupt files if any, and it said that there were some that could not be removed, but could not open the log file to see them..............it was blank, or we just got told 'we did not have permission'.
    and I was the admin on every command.
    Patrick and Beakman..............this is now a messy messy affair, my laptop is stuffed and i sincerely won't be able to fix it, du to the PC fixer saying that it will cost hundreds..........including a possible cost for a new OS to windows 7 or 8, and 64 bit.............which BB is syaing is just not necessary..........all of this...................just to install bblink, for a $350 handset..............lost, just lost.

    finally, I just did a system restore to before this mess, and it is saying that it cannot do a restore............
    IF you have any suggestion, solutions, contacts or experience with this can you throw the info my way? I will not be able to afford taking the laptop to get fixed, so now will not have desktop manager or any bb on the laptop, one phone is now blind............the other Q10 is just laying idle in the box..........bloody mess.
    windows issue? BB issue? HELP!!!!!!
    06-16-14 05:15 AM
  16. FireChestApps's Avatar
    I was having issues with BlackBerry Link too on my laptop. So I setup an old laptop with Win 7 and just BlackBerry Link. Nothing else. And it now works.

    Also consider the app "Backup Pro". It may be all you need. Main developer happens to live in Sydney too!

    Posted via CB10
    06-16-14 09:57 AM
  17. PatrickMJS's Avatar
    hi patrick and beakman............
    well after 5 hours on the phone with the vodafone blackberry man, and another 3 hours of mucking around, my ASUS vista ultimate 32 bit 4gb CPU T9400 2.53 GHz laptop has simply lost the plot.
    I feel for you. These computer issues are frustrating. Plus dealing with support people on the phone for hours is so aggravating.

    My comments above were not related to Windows Vista because the thread was dealing with Windows 8 before you posted here.

    The Vodafone BlackBerry person you spoke to is correct: BlackBerry Link works with Windows Vista. HOWEVER: all these windows systems MUST be updated before Link will work properly.

    Before trying to install or run BlackBerry Link, run Windows Update. The Windows support website has lots of info on this. Here is a screenshot on how to get started:

    Cannot install blackberry link on windows 8-img_20140616_085853.png

    After you run through all your windows updates, (which could take several hours if you haven't done it recently), go back and delete all BlackBerry software, the download Link again and reinstall it.


    If your Windows machine isn't working properly and hasn't been updated, you need to address that issue first before expecting BlackBerry software to work properly on your laptop. Sad but true.
    06-16-14 10:02 AM
  18. FF22's Avatar
    I used BBLink on Vista HomePremium64 just yesterday - successfully, I shockingly add!!!

    But for the life of me I do not know what version. And Help only brings up an html page without any mention of the version (unless I've missed something or the endless Splashscreen shows that info.) I know it is not the latest since it offered me an update.
    06-16-14 11:02 AM
  19. PatrickMJS's Avatar
    You can check the version number by going into the Windows Vista Control Panel / Add-Remove Programs.

    Find BlackBerry Link on the list and the version number should be shown there.

    Posted via CB10
    06-16-14 12:10 PM
  20. FF22's Avatar
    You can check the version number by going into the Windows Vista Control Panel / Add-Remove Programs.

    Find BlackBerry Link on the list and the version number should be shown there.

    Posted via CB10
    I shall be back momentarily as I open Control Panel. I am using it again right now, Link, that is. I am trying desparately to completely clean up my contacts, a potentially impossible task. I keep backing up and syncing and syncing and backing up. There are some contacts saved 3 or 4 different ways time BUT they don't show in the Contacts app, not even LINKS anymore. Phantoms. One or two show up with OLD info deleted and cleaned ages ago.

    Back to Link: (you would think BB has heard about, well HELP/ABOUT where they show the version number) Resorting to Control Panel is so old school


    Semi-disaster! I synced to MS Outlook (program, not cloud) and I seem to have lost most of my contacts but a few now have 5 or 6 dupes.

    Oh, what can you expect from BB after 10 or so years ruling the roost!
    06-16-14 04:44 PM
  21. helenahubert's Avatar
    I'm so sorry patrick..yes the threadwas discussion windows not vista.
    I'll do the updates and have a poke around......thank you so much for the screen shot.
    I'll postback once done.
    Woke up rather sad this morning....I have no issue with hiccups.....just as you say, spending so much time on it, and then the thought of having to pay so much either for a fix or a new computer is just disappointing, to use a phone correctly! Seems a little over the top.
    I hope the updates work patrick. I just wonder though how that issue could affect the error message........how they are related......Thank you so much. Kindly karina.
    06-16-14 05:18 PM
  22. helenahubert's Avatar
    Gwad patrick....just went to updates.....47 updates.....been on 1% for 30 mins......oh dear. Lol.
    06-16-14 06:07 PM
  23. Beakman's Avatar
    IF you have any suggestion, solutions, contacts or experience with this can you throw the info my way? I
    Wow, to say things have gone south would be an understatement. A couple of thoughts:
    Why so much for the computer repair? I think the computer repair person isn't being exactly honest but unfortunately any resolution is going to cost some money by the looks of it. Were this my own computer I would be purchasing an external hard drive, attempting a windows backup to the drive as well as cherry picking files and folders to transfer to the external drive, then performing a system reload with the original disk that came with the laptop, or an upgrade to W7.
    It's very possible Mr. Fixit is charging so much because of the time involved for all this. Can you get a second opinion for the repair?
    At this point the safest bet, if your PC is still functioning, is to forgo any further attempt with the BB software on that machine and find an alternative way to b ack up the phones, whether it be on a SD card in the phone, a second dedicated PC, someone else' PC, what have you, and concentrate on getting your PC back in order, preferably through an upgrade.
    I'm very sorry this has been a horrible experience for you, I can sympathize as I have had similar experiences starting from a simple operation, and have spent considerable sums of money correcting. I'm also sorry that I can't help you much more on what to do, as I'm not an IT expert and do not have your machine in front of me either. Probably the best advice I could give at this moment is to ask that you walk away from it all for a while, calm down and take another view of it and what strategy you can take to correct it. As an example, I recently built my own PC only to lock myself out of the admin account some weeks later, having access to nothing and not being able to reload the OS (access denied!). It took another computer, an external case for the first computer hard drive, and a few hours of shifting files before I got it back, not to mention the money spent on replacing lost programs. All this after a few months of not being there to do the fix. I've had new laptop's hard drives die and have the replacements bung the system, pulled new tablets out of the box with unresponsive screens, Just plain find out I bought a complete POS (HP Slate 500 anyone?), bought older equipment only to find it not supported anymore and not worth the trouble to do so, and so on. It goes with the territory. Would it not be the BB software, sure bet is that it would be some other software that set off the problems you are having. I call it "The Big Electronic Lie". If you look at the situation this way now, you can consider yourself lucky you found out early enough and have time to do some background research on your next computer should you need to go this route.
    I don't know what else to say here.
    06-16-14 06:20 PM
  24. helenahubert's Avatar
    All updates have failed. Error code 8E5E0152. Trying to get some idea of what that means..........getting nowhere again.
    06-16-14 06:23 PM
  25. PatrickMJS's Avatar
    May I suggest going to a friend who has a functioning, fully updated computer, borrow if for a couple of hours, install BlackBerry Link, do the device switch from your old phone to your new phone, boom you're good to go until you can sort out your laptop issues.

    BlackBerry Link for Windows is a complex, windows-based program that really requires the machine to have all the latest windows updates installed (due to numerous earlier issues with usb, drivers, etc.) in order for Link to function.

    I'm sorry you're having problems with your laptop. Your story shows there is a market among BlackBerry users for a cloud-based backup and device switch process. Plenty of people avoid their laptops and desktop computers these days, relying primarily on their mobile device, be it a smartphone or tablet. OK not so much for your corporate elite, but a huge portion of the market.

    Posted via CB10
    06-16-14 06:38 PM
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