1. Simon Reffold's Avatar
    I have just received a .vcf file by SMS. I can see it and all the details, however I cannot call or text the numbers or save the file to my contacts.

    there is also no way to copy and paste the details.
    04-15-13 12:53 AM
  2. Young Z's Avatar
    I just sent myself a vcf file via email.

    I was able to open up the vcf file and there was a "Save+" option at the bottom.

    I clicked on it and it got saved as a new contact.

    And you are correct, there is no way to copy the phone number when viewing the vcf, you have to save it as a contact first before you can copy the phone number.

    Posted via CB10
    04-15-13 01:14 AM
  3. Simon Reffold's Avatar
    Thanks - just tried the same. Via email it worked fine, the message I received was via SMS.

    There appears to be a broader bug in Contacts.

    After trying to import a contact from SMS/phone number I have had Contacts lock - it allows me to scroll and click, but the buttons dont function. I now cannot get rid of Contacts and will have to hard re-start to clear it as I cannot get to the Hub!

    Not the end of the world but certainly a bit buggier than I would have expected.
    04-15-13 04:48 PM

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