1. eashady97's Avatar
    I'm an arab so I use the arabic keyboard, the arabic keyboard on the 10.2 was amazing it had everything I needed and it had the same placings as a physical keyboard but with the latest 10.3 the keyboard is different, they combined letters into one and you'd have to hold on a letter to type in the other letter it's basically an iPhone keyboard and I hate it it's annoying. Is there any way that I can run the keyboard from the 10.2 or somehow install another keyboard with the proper placings? I have a z10 running the

    12-05-14 07:48 AM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    I have not examined the entire list of bar files in the Leak OS packages like the Blitz version. MAYBE the keyboard is a separate bar file rather than being part of the entire OS. In that case you could TRY finding the bar file from the older package, if it exists and load that. Again, I"m not sure. You might also ask this question in the LEAK forum and ask in the Subject specifically about the KEYBOARD and if it is a bar file.
    12-05-14 11:27 AM

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