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    I have a Z10 from movistar (spain)STL100-1 with the leaked os and the last days I have observe a very rare and weird situation with contacts and call lists.

    Missed calls or received calls from numbers that are not in my contacts are linked to existing contacts and appeared with that names!!! this isn't happening while answering the calls but only when I have missed calls or answered calls while ago (in the list).
    In many instances I was terrified as seen some very important numbers from my job principals calling me during weird hours!! while calling back, my z10 is showing that is calling the specific contact but actually is calling the wrongly linked number.
    If I call that contact from the contact list then Z10 is calling the correct contact and the correct number.
    The situation is not fixed even after repeated reboots.

    As you can understand, with this "feature" Z10 isn't a reliable business tool any more....I can say that is dangerous!

    Any idea how to deal with this situation?

    p.s. for the spanish readers, yes, movistar is giving the Z10 to some very "demanding" clients who are arguing that orange and vodafone are offering better tariffs for the pool of the corporate mobiles and that they are considering a switch.......

    movistar-me 0-1
    05-25-13 05:51 PM
  2. mpokeras's Avatar
    Please Help!!!
    it drives me crazy!!!!!!!!!
    05-26-13 05:43 PM

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