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    At least in my case that is the point. I do not want to email a meeting invite. But want to be able to see a person(s) contact info in the appt on the calendar.
    I didn't test or realize you can't add a contact to the invitee list without an email address. So that messes me up too.

    To help explain, except for a few, none of the people I deal with use this type of invite & accept via email process. And believe it or not there are a percentage of them that don't even have a work email.
    We talk on the phone and arrange an appointment. I put this on my calendar to keep track of, don't know what they do to keep track.

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    Yeah, that is irritating.

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    06-12-13 06:54 PM
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    At our office, we use SQRES to schedule meetings and tasks. SQRES is a free web-based task management app that helps you create, assign and manage tasks. Tasks are all color coded based on the category they pertain to--assigned to me, assigned to others, due tomorrow, late and complete. Updates on the status of a project or task can be sent directly from SQRES to your clients or team members with just the simple click of a button, making sure you and your team are always organized and your customers stay up to date. Feel free to check out online for more information.
    01-14-14 02:18 PM
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