1. anon(6168981)'s Avatar
    I am still on 10.2.1 (desperately clinging to flash) and lately the stock browser is crashing quite often for no apparent reason. Maybe this is fixed with 10.3 but I wanted to ask if anyone has had this issue at all.
    04-21-16 04:27 PM
  2. rjgti's Avatar
    none at all
    04-21-16 04:49 PM
  3. saipavangondi's Avatar
    No if you restart your phone it will beok

    Posted via CB10
    04-22-16 12:56 AM
  4. RichardHBB's Avatar
    I wouldn't stick with the older OS version just to keep the browser that has Flash. Update your OS. Flash has so many security vulnerabilities, I wouldn't want it on the browser that I use on a regular basis. For those one or two sites that I must go to that haven't given up on Flash yet, I paid just a few bucks for Zeus browser and use it for just those sites. Works fine.

    04-22-16 10:30 AM
  5. medic22003's Avatar
    My z30 was crashing and lagging a lot and restarting the phone doesn't fix it. Without apps on bb10 the browser has to work. It just wasn't working reliably at all for me anymore. Tis why I now how have a priv. Z30 was the best phone to date I've ever had but I do like my priv

    Posted with my shiny new Priv
    04-22-16 11:52 AM

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