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    Had a now defunct email address tied to my berryID, which I rarely ever used.

    And now I can't remember my pw, and the reminder email is being sent to the defunct address.

    Is my only out, to sign up again?

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    12-24-13 12:30 PM
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    And how to change it on the z10.

    Settings -� BlackBerry ID, has no delete or change option?

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    12-24-13 12:32 PM
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    If you can't remember the password, security wipe the device and start again with a new BBID and email address.
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    12-24-13 01:23 PM
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    Unfortunately that's it, security is key in BlackBerry and there's no way to get it back without access to the email, sorry pal.

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    12-24-13 01:35 PM
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