1. BlackBerryIdea's Avatar
    Now.. I may be one of the few that still have my Dev Alpha (A/B) device. Most of you have probably sent yours off to get the Limited Edition (Red) Z10.

    Anyway let me make this short. I installed the leak BlackBerry 10 OS on my Dev Alpha (A). When done, I realized that the screen on the Dev Alpha (A) is more crisp than that of my Z10.

    Dev Alpha (A) : Whites are White

    Z10: Whites are Yellow

    The overall color of the Dev Alpha (A) Looks Beautiful compared to my Z10. Even on the lowest brightness the Dev Alpha (A) is bright. But on my Z10 the lowest brightness is dim.

    This is obviously a Hardware issue and I hope BlackBerry realize this and get it fixed. (That's what happens when you get the first batch of handsets aye!)

    (P.S. Despite the website showing me as a "CrackBerry Newbie" I've been following this website for a long time. Just haven't posted! I'm more like a CrackBerry Genius Of Geniuses )
    02-05-13 10:28 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    This has come up before especially within our BlackBerry Z10 review and another thread. We noticed some differentiation in the display colors and we've spoken to BlackBerry about it. As it stands right now, we've let our concerns be known with them but there is no rhyme, reason or uhh... consistency in the inconsistencies. Every Z10 we have here (8-9) all tend to be a little different.
    02-05-13 10:53 AM
  3. BlackBerryIdea's Avatar
    Hmm.. Grr! Alright, thanks Bla1ze.
    02-05-13 11:03 AM
  4. BB10Apps's Avatar
    Ya the colors on mine are good, its the brightness that is extremely different from the dev alpha to the Z10. My Z10 is no where near as bright. I hope this is a simple OS update.
    02-05-13 05:05 PM

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