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    This might be a long text but I think what I have to say comes from a long experience with Blackberry as a phone.
    Over the years I have been a loyal fan to blackberry, since almost 2006, the blackberry bold 9000 has been my second phone ever, after the nokia N73 as my first one. I have never quitted on blackberry and purchased more than 10 blackberries over the past 7 years due to have lost 2 maybe, the release of new handsets or whatever other reasons.

    This year as the release of the Blackberry Z10, the phone that was going to finally provide me with enough functionallity as a smartphone compared so IOS or Android, I have to say I was pretty excited.

    I tend to have a family that all switched to Iphones after blackberry failed to improve since the past 5 years bfore the Z10. this morning I had finally convinced my father, who became a big apple fan, to purchase a Blackberry Z10 for my mother while he refused to invest another dollar in any blackberry phone, he gets the Z10 for her wrapped in a box after I convinced him to give the phone another chance. this morning and I told them to wait for me to come back home later at night to backup her data and put them on the Z10.after I convinced him to give the phone another chance.

    While I was still outside, I'm reading through the Crackberry app about the BB live news I read that bb 10.0.1 is out, so I decide to update, the update fails, I LOSE MY WHOLE CONTACTS LIST, EMAIL, BBM CONTACTS and my whole SETTUP ACCOUNTS and more....... nothing seems to get back all this data for me. I get really angry and almost smashed my phone. I get back home to try to find a backup/restore/update solution but nothing seems to work, even if I try updating by blackberry link the update eventually fails near the end. My father noticed on his facebook posts about BBM is going to be cross platform then sees me frustrated and knows about what happened to the phone, he picks up the z10 still wrapped in the box, goes to the phone shop and returns it for an IPhone 5, he tells me "how are you still investing in this phone, it's good we didn't open the Z10 box and got your mother the IPhone instead without loosing money and BBM is going cross platform so why buy the Z10 anyway".

    So by screwing me up, I'm angry already, I feel like switching to samsung GS4 right away, I can't seem to find any solution and it's pissin me off. You lost blackberry sales, a lot of people who were motivated to buy a Q10 or Z10 that I know in my university just decided to forget about it after the BBM cross platform news.

    Can you just not screw up for once blackberry, even with this phone that you made me sick waiting for, you just made me loose so much data that I feel like breaking this phone to pieces, I really regret buying this phone and not buying an Android or Iphone, i'm sorry to myself before being sorry to anyone else but blackberry you ****ed up, and I'm not the only one, posts all over the forum over this issue are present, so I don't think you're doing a good job.

    Going for Android might be the way, specially after BBM is going to be available so I'm going to save the hassle of wasting my time trusting you,


    Blackberry Live
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    05-14-13 07:35 PM
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    Did you not have it plugged in while updating? There is a warning to keep it plugged in white updating. How about your backup? It didn't work?

    And why do people think getting any phone is an investment?

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    05-14-13 08:07 PM
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    Suck that you feel that way. Nothing but love for my z10. Anyways I think blackberry going cross platform is good news and advertising for BlackBerry. Remember blackberries selling point is not just BBM but more importantly the whole new innovative user interface.

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    05-14-13 08:15 PM
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    And as well I agree with you blackberry is also always been cursed with buggy devices, even my z10 will randomly shut down and reboot at times. Just updated to the legit 10.1 so we will see how that works out.

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    05-14-13 08:17 PM
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    So you backed up your Z10 and tried to update to 10.1 or tried to switch from a older BB to z10 and it failed to update to 10.1?

    I dont understand why you cant restore the phone if you have a backup? Is the back up corrupt? try a slightly older backup?
    05-14-13 08:28 PM

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