1. skratch16's Avatar
    Hello guys, i would like some advice. I have a bb z10 stl-1001 model with the latest update I have a problem running asphalt 8 on this phone. I-ve playd for the version from the bb world, and when i click open it i have the gameloft logo and after a second i wake up on the homescreen without any warning sign.

    Any ideas?

    p.s. sry for my english.
    02-06-14 02:36 PM
  2. xales's Avatar
    Try to re-install it again

    Posted via CB10
    02-06-14 02:47 PM
  3. skratch16's Avatar
    done that 3 times. Still not working. Restart also.
    02-06-14 02:54 PM
  4. KDB84's Avatar
    If you have a lot of apps open (Active Frames or Headless) and you run out of memory I believe apps start to close (though I thought the 'oldest' app would be closed first). Not sure if this helps but worth running it as the only open app just to see.
    Also, I could be completely wrong.
    02-06-14 03:16 PM
  5. skratch16's Avatar
    done that also. i had an android phone before this so i was obssesed in closing apps before running a game like asphalt. i will try a wipe tomorrow nite hopefully this will help.
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    02-06-14 03:20 PM
  6. skratch16's Avatar
    tested on a stl-1002, it does not work.
    02-17-14 04:53 AM

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