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    I consider myself a heavy user. I get 12 hours from a full charge consistently. Obviously there are many variables that determine how long you will get from yours, just the same as with any phone. I have a friend who gets two full days from their S4 and another who is getting 4 hours from theirs. I have no issues with mine but I do have a spare battery with the charging bundle, I keep a wall charger handy in case I need it and I keep a car charger in the car. Basically, I would look at all the other specs of the phone to determine whether it's for you or not, because your battery consumption for the most part is going to depend on you rather than the phone.

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    01-12-14 01:48 PM
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    Recommend you go for the Z30 for battery life. It's average. It'll last you 18 hours with standard use.
    Keep in mind you have no option to carry a spare battery with you if you go this route.

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    01-12-14 01:50 PM
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    Why are some of you sugar coating it? The z10 battery life is terrible if you're using the phone, and especially data. Even just messaging.
    Heavy users will get 6 hours tops, moderate 8 -10 and barely touching it will get decent 16 hours except that's with maybe one message per hour.

    It's on par with an iPhone or a Samsung S4 I believe though, but if you have the choice the Z30 is the way to go.

    I have a charger every where I go and a spare battery. I learn to live with it but I wish I knew the Z30 was coming at the time

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    01-12-14 04:08 PM
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