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    So I have a rather odd use case that's evolved with the Blackberry Travel app. See, I work for an airline doing some QA functions on our website and that involves making a rather lot of test bookings on almost a daily basis.

    As it stands the Blackberry Travel app monitors all email accounts linked to the device for confirmation-type email messages from travel industry sources. The problem is that the QA bookings are indistinguishable from real ones I might make in my personal accounts. I would never associate a personal booking or itinerary with the work email account that receives the QA confirmations.

    So is there any way that I can exclude that one email account from Blackberry Travel's attentions? I'm getting all sorts of odd calendar entries and lots of notifications from the test bookings, to the tune of 50 test bookings or more per day.

    Yet there are perfectly legitimate travel itineraries in my personal accounts that I'd like it to track. What's the best way to approach Blackberry and make a feature request to allow an account to be excluded from BB travel's focus? Or is the function already in there to exclude an account and I've just missed it?
    05-02-13 02:15 AM

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