1. Ansovald's Avatar
    Seeing there is going to be BB protect on the Z/X 10 phones ( why wouldn't there be). as I have a OS 7 phone ( 9900) and there is a chance that 90% of my apps that I have downloaded ect my not work on either phone will it tell me that as an example (tunein radio pro (love that app)) is not compatible with this phone or will it not just install..?
    01-28-13 10:51 PM
  2. BLACKJEDI23's Avatar
    not install at all
    you would need to DL the bb10 version of the same app.

    now will Rim let you DL the same app but the bb10 vrs for free.

    that is a very good Q.
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    01-28-13 10:56 PM
  3. Ansovald's Avatar
    I was wondering the same thing I got tunein pro for free when they had that outage awhile back. and if I have to pay then I will find another radio app till I can buy tunein again
    01-28-13 10:59 PM
  4. AVPTI's Avatar
    All apps will need to be re-downloaded (read: re-bought) on your BB10 phone.
    01-28-13 11:18 PM
  5. biggerCC's Avatar
    As a developer I can assure you that from a technical viewport all vendors are able to offer free updates. The BlackBerry World Vendor Portal allows to specify multiple releases, even different version numbers for different OS versions. This allows to release the same product as an Java version for BB7, as AIR for the PlayBook and as Cascades for BB10.
    But I'm not sure how often we're going to see this.

    Please keep in mind that Java developers had to completely rewrite their app. From scratch - independently of what the dev relations team promised. Going from Java to Cascades was probably the most strenuous path and the dev's effort probably worth a buck or two.
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    01-29-13 01:11 AM
  6. Ecm's Avatar
    Any developer who takes the time to prep apps for BB 10 that I've already purchased for OS 7.x will get my $ with no complaint! Bring 'em on. ~ecm
    01-29-13 07:45 AM
  7. rottonj's Avatar
    All apps will need to be re-downloaded (read: re-bought) on your BB10 phone.
    Bummer. Tunein radio pro and Shazam are two of my favorite BB free giveaways. I really dont think I should have to buy them but will for sure.
    01-29-13 09:12 AM

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