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    Hey guys,

    I'm facing the following problem: one user is complaining about randomly missing contacts on his Z10. We're using BES with "Work and personal - Corporate" mode and Exchange 2010 SP3 Rollout 10 (latest). The workspace contains the contacts from Outlook 2010 and both contacts folders (contacts and recommended contacts) are checked to sync on BB.

    From time to time some of his contacts are randomly missing on his device. From about 160 contacts are only less than 100 on the phone. Meanwhile in Outlook, there are all present. (On the BB in contacts app, he filters the work contacts by sliding left and selecting the company folder.)

    He has the latest BB software version installed. We removed the workspace and activated the device again. After the initial sync everything was fine. After a few days the amount of contacts are less again.
    We also did a factory reset but the issue still persists.

    I guess he is the only user having this problem. At least no one other told me this. However my BB shows all of my Outlook contacts and the enterprise activates is month ago.

    If you guys have an idea to fix this, please let me know. I appreciate any help
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    08-21-15 03:50 AM
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    The contact automatically deleted and duplicate bugs are not new since OS 10.2.xxx. I'm doing update OS pull SIM card and after updated OS and put back SIM card . This method sometimes appeared the duplicate contact and no longer deleted contact issues. im not connect to BES10.

    Z10/STL100-2 /
    08-22-15 03:04 AM
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    The mentioned contacts from the user aren't SIM contacts, they are exchange/work contacts.
    08-24-15 04:16 AM
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    The mentioned contacts from the user aren't SIM contacts, they are exchange/work contacts.
    I have the same problem, and I'm not using exchange. All my contacts are sync'd with gmail. This is happening to me to and it didn't happen prior to 10.3. For example I just went to call someone I contact frequently and they aren't in my phone. I looked at google and they are there so it isn't a sync issue it's something in the phone.
    If anyone out there has a permanent fix I'd like to know.
    09-03-15 01:43 PM

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