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    I posted a few days ago on sensors found in my Z10:


    The fun part of it all is to connect the sensors to external electronic devices. That is what I have just done. The accelerometer within my Z10 controls the external world (a Robot) through inbuilt Bluetooth serial communication SPP. For controlling the Robot I wrote an app in App Inventor, and named it "AccelMote".

    Here is a video in Youtube published few minutes ago:

    I have also taken the trouble of writing a tutorial and published it on my blog Redacacia:

    BlackBerry 10 Accelerometer Sensor ”AccelMote” Control of a Robot | RedAcacia
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    06-03-14 01:06 PM
  2. felberry83's Avatar
    Nice ! Good to know that a BlackBerry can do that. I will add it in my "to show " list.

    What's the range? how far can the robot go before u lose connection?

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    06-03-14 01:19 PM
  3. Tayeb786's Avatar
    I have not measured the range. A similar app of control with gestures on screen shown at recent Festival Nacional de Robtica 2014, the Portuguese National Robotics was working at ranges of over 10 metres without loosing control.

    Actually the range depends on the Bluetooth of the phone as the Bluetooth module on the robot is only receiving commands.

    Where is your "to show" list?
    06-03-14 01:37 PM

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