1. sandysan's Avatar
    I really like my Z10 and the remote file access and wireless backup with black berry link. I was running it on a really wimpy ITX PC ( dual core atom) but then I built a HTPC and figured that if the computer has to be on all the time, why not dual purpose it and have the htpc run link ( the htpc is still relatively wimpy with a A4-5000 but way better than the NM10 dual core atom) ? I am running WMC on win 7 32 bit and then immediately noticed that when installed on the HTPC, link REALLY slowed things down. like REALLY slowed things down

    In device manager link was consistently using 25% CPU whereas watching one HD stream and recording two other HD stream simultaneously the CPU was about 30-40%. So I uninstalled BBlink from the HTPC and everything seems good again, the ATOM is super low power and enough to run link, so I will probably throw it into a closet or drawer.

    Has anyone else seen something similar ? I don't pretend to understand everything that is baked into link but the ability to map the internal memory and microSd card in my Z10 as network drives and do automatic backups seems like it would not be so resource intensive.

    02-10-14 03:40 PM
  2. anon(1723145)'s Avatar
    I've been complaining about Link for awhile now. It's buggy as hell and slows my whole system down when running. All I use it for is backups which I hope will restore when I need them.
    02-10-14 03:48 PM
  3. sandysan's Avatar
    I've read online about others having similar complaints, and to be honest I never really had a problem with the nm10 pc running link by itself, but in WMC it was clear that is was pulling large amounts of resources.
    For me its no big deal but online I have seen people with really really beefy pc's ( i5's and above) saying that link acts like an anchor on system resources.
    02-10-14 04:38 PM

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