1. webkingroy's Avatar
    Hi guys, I'm enjoying my z10 for over a week now, got some issues I read about on CB don't care really cause the phone is so damn awesome !

    Having one small issue though, I added 2 mail accounts and fb to the hub, I switched of birthdays for fb, but birthdays still show on my calender and lock screen. Even after I delete them in my calender they keep coming back. By any chance am I doing something wrong, is it a glitch or am I overlooking something completely?

    Thank in advance for the help!

    Posted via CB10
    04-23-13 04:46 PM
  2. djmm2's Avatar
    I think it is FB itself. I get the same thing, and on my PlayBook too. I even get notices for the wrong date, which is embarrassing to say the least. I had the same problem with Facebook on my Torch. So that is 3 different units with the same errors. Three units that otherwise function properly.
    04-23-13 05:50 PM

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