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    Preface this post by saying I am a blackberry fan, want them to succeed and have loved the Z10 for the past month (bought it launch day outright from AT&T)

    The phone has been fantastic the past month. Have had no issues with battery life, reboots, or anything else. Some quirky things with group messaging but nothing major. Have my iCloud account synced perfectly and appear to be getting push gmail. Life was good with my Z10.

    Today my company finally got BES 10 running and I was to be the third user on the BES (after 2 IT guys running Z10s on Verizon).

    Got my server info and password at 1:52pm with the battery at 80%. It was full charge when I unplugged it this morning at 6:25am so it had lost 20% over 7.5hrs.

    I plugged in the phone while activating it, assuming that pulling down my contacts, email and calendar would suck some juice.

    Took the phone off the charger post the BES install at 1:57pm and could instantly feel my phone get warm and I could literally see the battery icon losing charge in front of my eyes. It was truly shocking.

    Then I realized that there was no way to have a separate profile for different email accounts (I know this has been covered but I wasn't aware of it before today as I only had a gmail account running on it). So every email would make the alert tone, and I probably get 500 emails per day, or more. Very frustrated with that omission.

    After 1hr my battery was down to 50% and I hadn't made a phone call, hadn't been on the web, no other apps running, the phone was just sitting on my desk at work.

    Loved the way I now had my work calendar and contacts merged with my personal calendar and contacts. Very slick. Battery was worrisome but the upside of having Blackberry email again instead of "Good" kept me positive.

    1hr later my battery was at 15% and I still hadn't even picked the phone up other than to check the battery remaining.

    Called IT and they hadn't seen this problem with the VZ units. I told them I was on the newest software release (10.0.116?) which was newer than their version.

    Tried turning my phone off and then on again and when it restarted the battery was at 5%. This was 2hrs and 20 mins after installing BES on it. The battery had declined from 80% to 5%.

    Am going out of town on Thursday and told the IT guys to remove me from the BES and I would have to take my old iPhone 5 with me because I can't be stranded without my phone.

    Told them I would try the BES again after 10.1 comes out but would stay off BES until then.

    So disappointed. Just crushed. Had been talking it up to people at the company and had been pushing them to get the BES / Lotus Notes / IBM Traveler figured out, and it didn't work, at least for me.

    Seems like it is a software issue since they're not seeing it on their Verizon Z10s but I also get more email than they do so they thought the amount of email might also be the issue.

    Very sorry to report this. I really am a fan, not a troll. No one wanted this to work properly more than I.

    Anyone else running BES on their At&T Z10s? Maybe it was just a fluke experience on my end, but as I said, my device had been perfect up until activating the BES.
    04-16-13 07:47 PM
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    Synchronization of email, contacts, calendars, passwords, etc. can drain the battery during activation if there is a lot of data. You should have waited for another day before requesting that your account be removed.

    Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10
    04-16-13 08:37 PM

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