1. akdtor's Avatar
    Can someone help me on the following voicemail questions:
    1.How do I change my voicemail greeting
    I would like to change my voicemail greeting message.Online it says to go into the settings in the phone section
    and the voicemail section. The only option I see is to change my voicemail password. I don't see any of the other
    options listed ie change voicemail greeting. My voicemail just defaults to a recorded name.
    2. How do I delete a voicemail
    when I go into voicemail from the phone section and want to delete the voicemail it specifies certain #'s
    to press but I don't see a #page from which to pick the option or others for that matter.

    04-27-13 06:53 PM
  2. wentouch's Avatar
    There are 2 voicemails available: Voicemail and Visual Voicemail. The phone has Voicemail by default, but Visual Voicemail is added to your plan, it can be activated on your phone by going opening the Phone App, swipe down to Open Settings, going to Voicemail option and activating Visual Voicemail.

    1. Voicemail greetings can only be changed by calling your Voicemail box (press *86 from dialpad or press Voicemail tab on upper left hand corner on Calls list in Phone app), accessing it using your password and changing it from there. It will instruct you how to do so. It's something like press 4 to change personal settings and 2 to change greeting.

    2. Voicemails can only be deleted by calling your Voicemail box, unless you also have Visual Voicemail, which then allow messages to be deleted directly from the phone with calling in.
    04-27-13 07:09 PM

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