1. someshjagadesh's Avatar
    My camera would not start up.. comes up with message ' camera can't be started"... this is after the OS upgrade.
    11-30-13 07:02 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Have you tried rebooting? I would reboot. and then if it doesn't work...go to the Bug and Fixes thread and look for a bar file for the camera to sideload on top of the leak. That should fix it.
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    11-30-13 07:09 AM
  3. obaquerizo's Avatar
    Have you drop your phone, if it is YES, perhaps you c�mara move from the center of it and would not open, you must send it to a tech service

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    11-30-13 07:57 AM
  4. eaton18spd's Avatar
    Mine did that the other day and all it took was a reboot and camera is working again

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    11-30-13 07:44 PM
  5. ZachMakwakwa's Avatar
    Install the latest OS software. They've sorted out the camera problem in that one.
    02-05-14 03:49 AM
  6. Jefrey Pineda's Avatar
    I've already using the latest software but still my camera doesn't work. Please help.
    02-25-14 06:18 PM

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