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    Hi everyone, im using my z10 stl100-1 in ksa, from stc carrier, well, i activate its service, which is called"quicknet". So after a week and two more days, suddenly the bb logo is gone. Even when i try to use wifi connection it still doesn't show the logo. Plz any help? Could it be from my carrier? Or what? :'(

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    04-25-13 10:09 PM
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    See below...
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    04-25-13 10:18 PM
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    You have to resend the service books

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    No service books on Z10

    OP you need to re register your blackberry

    Settings - About - Network - Menu - Register Blackberry
    04-25-13 10:32 PM
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    04-25-13 10:33 PM
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    04-25-13 10:51 PM

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