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    alright folks, i believe some of you might be after reading the title *my bad*, sorry...

    i went to an Optus store this afternoon and i noticed there was a Z10 being on display. seems the sales reps there are BB10 literate, shown by the phone has already had the 10.1 official OS for Z10, not bad for a start! so i played around with the phone, just pretending i was a random guy browsing around the phone. however, i noticed something wasn't right. i felt that the phone was hooked up to the hooking device too tight and pushed a bit off therefore, the whole phone was a bit BENT! but surprisingly the phone was still ok, the screen was still responsive and even there was no sign of cracking or anything like that (considering BB10's screen is NOT a Gorilla Glass).

    i don't know if you guys understand what i meant but i tried to illustrate by comparing between the following image. hopefully through these images you will know what i meant by:

    1. the following is the reflection of the wall on my Z10's screen (apology for my matte finished screen protector so the reflected image was unclear). you can see i drew some lines? take a look at those lines. they are all PARALLEL with respect to each other, right? that means the screen is flat, no bending, so the reflected image will also be shown in 1:1 ratio.

    BB10's screen under bending force, hhm..-img_00000010_hdr.jpg

    now, compare that to the following image. look at how the texts were reflected to the display Z10's screen. the real text was all flat, but the reflection was somewhat curved (showing that the screen is a bent then it behaves like a convex).

    BB10's screen under bending force, hhm..-img_00000431_hdr.jpg

    **FYI: all images were taken by Z10 on HDR mode, no picture editing except putting those lines & texts.

    the verdict: see how the build quality is? see how the screen durability is? honestly i'm so amazed.. totally amazed.

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    05-31-13 05:40 AM
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    Mine is bent too. I noticed when looking at the reflections.

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    05-31-13 06:27 AM

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