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    Hi Everyone,

    After updating to BB10.2, it totally changed my contact list by synching Skype contacts. In 10.1, I had not synched them. However, after the update to 10.2, my address book just got filled with all these duplicated contacts due to contact links not working. To make matters worse, for links that did work, the Phone updated the contacts to their Skype Usernames, whereas before I had their full names in my contact lists - this is quite annoying because I would prefer full names in my contact list over Skype Aliases.

    Is there a way to undo this? The settings in the Contact List don't even offer a way to unlink Skype.
    I went to Skype settings to unsynch and the contacts still appear. I also uninstalled Skype and that didn't solve it either.

    I do not want to go through hundreds of contacts just to fix this, so I was wondering if there's a more efficient way.

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    10-27-13 05:34 PM
  2. qbnkelt's Avatar
    I know of someone whose contacts in Skype duplicated as you are describing. Let me see if I can reach him.
    10-27-13 05:39 PM
  3. Andrew4life's Avatar
    Same issue here.

    Luckily I don't have too many Skype friends so I just manually went in and deleted them.

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    10-27-13 06:00 PM
  4. maximect's Avatar
    Same here annoying, I don't want skype entries and even if I remove synch, everytime I log out and log in, the feature is there...

    Posted via CB10
    12-05-13 08:47 AM

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