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    Hi, I could be doing with some help. When I browse to Settings>Notifications>Normal>Customise App Notifications>Phone>Ringtone I see a choice of approx 13 available ringtones. In addition I can see Browse Music which works. However, the Browse Ringtones selection is missing from this Phone menu. If I select any of the other menus (e.g. Text Messages or Email) the Browse Ringtones option is present and works. I can see a dozen or more ringtone folders containing upwards of 100 ringtones. The question is, why cant I see this menu option when I am trying to set the ringtone for the phone? Its not like the menu is broken because it works for all the other apps. Its not as if the ringtones themselves are missing. They are all present and correct.

    Can anyone suggest why the Browse Ringtones option is missing from the phone menu? This is true of both my own and my wife's Z10 so its not related to just one phone. Both are running

    Thanks in advance for any help offered.

    BB Z10 Browse Ringtones menu missing from Phone selection, how can I get it back?-browse-ringtones-missing.png
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