1. Daveensannie's Avatar
    Thats what blackberry should do because lots of people are buying ( some costs a lot of money ) apps thinking they are Native but turn out to be ports from android ! Or atleast force the people who upload them to BBW to put it in the discription if its native or not, and if they dont do that dont put them on BBW !
    05-09-13 05:43 AM
  2. DjDante's Avatar
    Why don't you read the reviews before making a purchase?

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    05-09-13 05:46 AM
  3. Daveensannie's Avatar
    Meaning that the man/woman who made the review already did made that misstake ?
    05-09-13 05:52 AM
  4. Daveensannie's Avatar
    I did not made that misstake by the way but i think its more then fair to separate them
    05-09-13 05:54 AM
  5. Daveensannie's Avatar
    05-09-13 05:55 AM
  6. mkudro's Avatar
    This petition (if it was one) would definitely get my vote.
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    05-09-13 06:04 AM
  7. hobgoblin1961's Avatar
    Yeah deficiently, need a clear separation in BB-world..
    This enquiry was risen about a month ago or may even before to have a separate section in BB-world, showing only native and built-for-Blackberry app's... people need to having a clear distinction between native and A-ports to make there choice.

    Even if it just a small dedicated support for native developers only to encourager them to make decent app's rather than get everyone in botching them up to make quick money on users behalf.

    Yes the enquiry was taken to BlackBerry plenty times before, even on the BlackBerry beta zone, BlackBerry is well aware about this wish by now !
    Hope BB-world will get there act together and update BB-world soon.

    Ohh... well may BB dose not do this small change... because it may embarrassing to have a very limited amount of real "native and built-for-BB" app's in stock... if some one dose a searcher... well they are almost lost among all the rubbish which is constantly poring in... as "new apps"
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    05-09-13 06:25 AM
  8. bakron1's Avatar
    Why don't you read the reviews before making a purchase?

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    Sorry but the reviews are misleading and I think they should have some sort of indicator the labels the app an android port or native. I personally think the android ports should be removed from the OS10 BB World, period.

    All this does is tell any developer looking at putting his/her hard earned effort into writing a native app is it's a waste of time if folks keep using and buying those crummy android ported apps. Look at eBay, terrible android ported app and for a company the size of eBay and the money they have made off Blackberry users, it's a dam shame.
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    05-09-13 06:30 AM
  9. trsbbs's Avatar
    Why don't you read the reviews before making a purchase?

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    Not all have review or say if it's Droid or not.


    Posted with a BlackBerry Z10
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    05-09-13 06:30 AM
  10. whatsever's Avatar
    OR just use a icon like N(ative) or P(ort) or just BB10 . Or just an extra filter voor BB10 native apps
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    05-09-13 06:37 AM
  11. g2gcya's Avatar

    I think its a good idea to know which applications are ported or native since not all reviews stated it. Dont u guys think that its more neatly organise in that manner?

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    05-09-13 06:41 AM
  12. SunnyFL's Avatar
    I agree and would like to have more clarification as to native or ported before I decide to purchase and download.
    05-09-13 07:01 AM
  13. trynacu2's Avatar
    I like this idea because I am only willing to pay for native apps. I do understand that BlackBerry is trying to build an ecosystem that would shut naysayers up, and ported apps are one of the ways they have chosen to do so. IMO, I don't think that they will separate them or identify them expressly because this may discourage some from porting their apps and staying away from the platform all together.

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    05-09-13 07:16 AM
  14. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    Doubt it'll happen. BBRY won't want folks to see the difference.
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    05-09-13 07:21 AM
  15. Trini-34's Avatar
    Good Point, I do not like the fact that some of the ported apps require access to your phone's personal information and such. I do not like that. I do not think they will create a section for ported apps. IMO because it may show a lack of native apps for the ecosystem. But it would be a great idea to separate them.
    05-09-13 07:25 AM
  16. sonic_reducer's Avatar
    Three in fact, in my not very humble opinion, we need native, ported and V1s so that the public can make price decisions. Native developers need to charge more for their time (USUALLY! before I'm shot down in flames), whereas ports are generally cheaper to produce and even George Bush could make a V1... on second thoughts.....

    Posted via CB10
    05-09-13 08:12 AM
  17. sonic_reducer's Avatar
    As for buying on the strength of re views, total rubbish. Have you seen what some of those clowns are doing? Writing stuff like "Doesn't Work" or "Waste of time/money" and then giving the app 5 stars. Would you trust pillocks like that to base your purchases on? Yes? Okay, I have a lock of Elvis's hair to sell you.

    Posted via CB10
    05-09-13 08:17 AM
  18. Deathcommand's Avatar
    BlackBerry will not make it happen.

    If you submit an app that has the name Android in it, they will deny it. So...

    Posted via Dec Alpha C
    05-09-13 08:18 AM
  19. Dave Bourque's Avatar
    That or a tag that says whether it's native, or android.

    Posted via CB10
    05-09-13 08:20 AM
  20. centurionPizza's Avatar

    Posted via CB10
    05-09-13 08:24 AM
  21. Deathcoffin's Avatar
    Why don't you read the reviews before making a purchase?

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    Op has more likes than u, op wins.

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    05-09-13 08:41 AM

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