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    Hi Guys!

    I just upgraded my Software Version to (3442) and my device suffers various problems.

    Firstly, My SD card reader does not work. My SD card is not present according to the phone. I even tried another card but no luck.
    Secondly, when I restart the device, the loader Logo goes to 100% but it does not disappear. I have to push the power on/off for 10 sec. After that the phone loads up. I read another post where some android apps stopped working. What do you suggest? Should we wait for an another upgrade or what? I am charging right now and I will try to reload the software, we'll see if it helps.

    Are there any stable release of the OS which I could use? I was thinking about using a 10.2.2 or something autoloader but I don't understand a thing. Some versions are 900 mb and some are just 30 mb. Should I download the 900 mb then the 30 or what?
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