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12-17-12 02:34 PM
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  1. WatBBuser's Avatar
    I was at my children's Xmas concert in Waterloo today and spotted a RIM employee using their white BB10 L-series for some photo/video taking. Looks quite nice with the contrasting white top and bottom with the large black screen area. The image resolution looked quite crisp and screen size larger than it is perceived in images and video online. Comparing it to the iPhone 5, the iPhone looks too narrow and not poportional relative to the BB. Can't wait to get rid of my BB9800 and score a new BB10 in February/March. I took some pictures of the device in use, but the camera on my 9800 didn't do the device justice. They would look like your typical blurry spy shots.
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    12-13-12 02:01 PM
  2. donmateo's Avatar
    Pics or BS lol
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    12-13-12 02:05 PM
  3. tfp's Avatar
    Seconded lol
    12-13-12 02:07 PM
  4. travaz's Avatar
    Even blurry pics will do!
    12-13-12 02:07 PM
  5. The Me's Avatar
    Pics buddy!
    12-13-12 02:22 PM
  6. atrpm's Avatar
    It's no that we don't trust you... its that a pic would make it easier to believe it LOL
    12-13-12 02:25 PM
  7. DrBit2011's Avatar
    No pics, no real
    12-13-12 02:25 PM
  8. DocDRM's Avatar
    blurry pics - blurry pics -blurry pics!
    12-13-12 02:31 PM
  9. ibpluto's Avatar
    my wife will like this news....she buys phones based on if you can get it in white LOL
    12-13-12 02:36 PM
  10. WatBBuser's Avatar
    White BB10 in all it's blurry glory!
    Attached Thumbnails BB 10 L-series in white spotted in the wild-white-bb10-4.jpg   BB 10 L-series in white spotted in the wild-white-bb10.jpg  
    12-13-12 02:56 PM
  11. hudsong's Avatar
    Aristo... methinks
    12-13-12 03:20 PM
  12. djdnz's Avatar
    It's not hard to find one around Waterloo (I live here, I would know... :P), but I have not seen a white one yet.
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    12-13-12 03:26 PM
  13. jesse_h's Avatar
    OP delivered. Looks good in white, I'll need it in black because I'm in a dirty line of work.

    By the way, what's with such crappy picture quality? I had a 9800, now I have the 9810, both take amazing pictures.
    12-13-12 03:36 PM
  14. RubberChicken76's Avatar
    It's not hard to find one around Waterloo (I live here, I would know... :P), but I have not seen a white one yet.
    I'm surprised Thorsten isn't getting pink slips ready for employees being that stupid ...
    12-13-12 03:38 PM
  15. WatBBuser's Avatar
    Well, my Nikon SLR takes amazing pictures as well! Do you think your 9810 amazing is comparable to my SLR amazing?
    Like I said I was at a kids Xmas concert standing Directly behind the phone user with the zoom on my 9800 on max. Should I have asked the user to hold the phone still and a little closer for me. :-)
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    12-13-12 04:00 PM
  16. donmateo's Avatar
    Here it is cleaned up a bit:

    12-13-12 04:25 PM
  17. bmercer94's Avatar
    Interesting. not getting it in white because of yellowing, but nice to know for those that love white phones that it'll be there.
    12-13-12 05:00 PM
  18. SK122387's Avatar
    haha I like how everyone was hounding the OP for pics and for once someone who "sees" an upcoming device "in the wild" actually has pictures!!

    They might not be the clearest, but we can definitely tell that it's white. I kind of want a white one now...
    12-13-12 05:06 PM
  19. BB_Bmore's Avatar
    Those hands are of one that does zero manual labor. Definitely a RIM employee looks good to me. Now if we could only get a pic of the L series with a color never before seen on a BlackBerry.
    12-13-12 05:12 PM
  20. jvictor77's Avatar
    I've always wanted a white one and was rather hoping that different colours at launch might be one of the 'surprises'! Seeing those flip cases mentioned in another thread earlier in black, white and red - and now these pics - makes me think this might be a possibility now. Thanks OP!
    12-13-12 05:15 PM
  21. BBThemes's Avatar

    we need this now!!
    12-13-12 05:18 PM
  22. kfh227's Avatar
    It's not news that a white version is coming. I remember the source I first heard this from (forget if it was a journalist that was shown it or someone internal that showed it to someone or a hedge fund tool). Anyway, the quote I remember is that it looks way better than the white iPhone. But the black BB10 does not look as nice as the iPhone.

    FWIW: I want the white one just so people ask if I got a new iPhone and I can say no and entire a dialog.
    12-13-12 10:55 PM
  23. bbqkid8's Avatar
    I wonder if they can make the bezel white as well. Would that be too much white?
    12-13-12 11:01 PM
  24. 416to604's Avatar
    Nice. Here's to hoping it comes in red
    12-14-12 01:06 AM
  25. aragone79's Avatar
    Red, white, green, yellow. Whatever, as long as we can buy it.
    12-14-12 02:14 AM
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