1. micky_oh's Avatar
    My battery has been draining faster since the OS update. Even power saving mode just drains my battery quickly. I've checked through my settings to see if anything was turned on that shouldn't but everything is in order. Anyone else having these issues?

    Posted via CB10
    07-08-15 08:25 AM
  2. DaFoxGrey's Avatar
    From your posting history, it appears you only upgraded your device yesterday.
    After installing a new or upgrading/patching an existing OS, the system has to settle in which can take up to a few days.
    See my post:
    07-08-15 08:34 AM
  3. fttrdr's Avatar
    It has only been one day but I am experiencing quicker battery drain too. Prior to the update my battery charge would last a full day. Since the update
    it drained mid-day on less usage.
    07-08-15 08:50 AM
  4. lower90's Avatar
    Same here. In fact, last night it went to zero and shut off during the night. It was on full charge at 11pm and then off charger over night it drained. Hopefully it clears up as you indicated.
    07-08-15 09:15 AM
  5. micky_oh's Avatar
    Thanks! I don't really update things until it's mandatory so I don't know much about this.

    Posted via CB10
    07-08-15 09:24 AM
  6. Totopldt's Avatar
    Vdeo chat not working since VZN OS update. Need help please.

    Posted via CB10
    07-08-15 10:03 AM
  7. wentouch's Avatar
    Just a note, the update also indicates in a pop up window that the phone will show off something like 12 or 24 hours after the update as a part of the process.

    Posted via CB10
    07-08-15 11:50 PM
  8. TheBirdDog's Avatar
    It's been said many times before that with every major update, the system is working harder to re-sync everything and it is normal to see more battery drain for the first couple of days.
    A few restarts might help speed the process along but I can almost guarantee that it will go back to normal in a couple of days and your battery should be better than ever.
    07-08-15 11:53 PM
  9. DJM626's Avatar
    Set it to airplane mode for about an hour and restart. It should speed up the process or correct it pretty quickly.

    After airplane mode pull the battery and restart. I've been doing it this way for a long time and it's always worked for me

    Posted via CB10
    07-09-15 07:00 AM
  10. clickitykeys's Avatar
    No issues for my Q10. Battery is unchanged with respect to

    07-09-15 07:13 AM
  11. rkess's Avatar
    My battery is actually a little better since the update and was just fine before it. So I'm pretty happy.

    Posted via CB10
    07-09-15 07:20 AM
  12. CT_BBGuy's Avatar
    Battery life seems pretty good for me so far on my VZW Z30 after updating on Monday. Only seems to drain faster because I am playing with it a lot more . The flip to save power mode seems to work pretty well.
    07-09-15 07:31 AM
  13. samsamleelee's Avatar
    Yea I'm with you OP. My battery drains faster than usual since the update. Using a BlackBerry classic.

    Posted via CB10
    07-09-15 04:20 PM
  14. shava9865's Avatar
    I've had multiple issues with Verizon updates, major one which has been battery drain. Verizon battery drain was never resolved with letting the system settle. I mainly install latest leaks; have never experienced any major issues, always able to modify battery drain.

    Posted via my Z10:
    07-11-15 02:00 PM
  15. TRMP87's Avatar
    Strange for me I have been on the new update the past week and my battery has improved. But I have been in the settings tweaking what runs and what doesn't need to run and I've noticed that has helped. I would say go into Application Permissions and tweak what software needs to be running in the background and what doesn't. I tend to disable alot of features on my Z10 to keep it as simple as possible.

    Go into App Manager and Device Monitor, then click memory and see what apps are running when they don't need to be.

    I've heard some saying the Amazon app store and the other amazon app is using resources in the background, go into parental controls and you can disable it if you want to be OCD with conserving resources, just don't forget your password for that, you'll see other things you can disable too.

    This is what I've done and I've noticed improvements

    Posted via CB10
    07-13-15 01:36 AM
  16. syxx20603's Avatar
    My battery is draining since the new Verizon update. With very light usage my phone will last 7-9 hours. The OS "settling in" is a load of bs.

    Posted via CB10
    07-14-15 09:22 PM
  17. Nanker Phelge's Avatar
    My VZW Z10 Lasts longer and charges better than it ever has. What devices are you folks having issues with?
    07-14-15 09:37 PM
  18. micky_oh's Avatar
    a Z10 STL100-4

    Posted via CB10
    07-15-15 08:33 AM
  19. KMB4's Avatar
    Yes. For me, it's been about a week (I got the update notice for OTA last Wednesday). It kept stating that I needed to make space so it could download the update. I didn't have automatic updates on. I tried using Sachesi but the update stopped after hours of downloading (Sachesi actually said downloading error). I tried Sachesi several times last Thursday with the same result. Turns out it was probably because I needed more space (duh). I dumped files (after saving them of course) and then the OTA started. Couldn't stop it if I wanted to. The OTA was successful and I had the new Verizon OS.

    All that being said, the battery life has been really bad and the OS has been very sluggish. I'm thinking there may be something corrupt and I'm considering wiping the device, reinstalling the OS then adding the backup.
    07-16-15 01:30 AM

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