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    I purchased the Chinese battery which has been raved about in many different threads and it's simply amazing check this Screenshot 0% three hours and from 17% 13 hours. I understand there is battery calibration troubles but this battery from full charge can last me 2 days heavy usage (Sometimes might go to 0% quickly but stays for ages, battery readings can be fixed by holding down power button until it's on the spinning turning on wheel thing?)

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    01-26-14 08:03 AM
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    01-26-14 08:04 AM
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    Battery Issues? Buy this battery.-img_20140126_135844.png

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    01-26-14 08:04 AM
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    yes the invisible battery is a great choice.
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    01-26-14 08:30 AM
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    Where do we get this battery

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    01-26-14 08:52 AM
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    eBay search BlackBerry Z10 4500mah battery extended

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    01-26-14 01:58 PM

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