02-22-14 07:59 AM
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  1. spikesolie's Avatar
    Well I'm back on 1295 again. The leak update I made to 2141 was in no way beneficial I just liked being on top of things. Firstly the problem with my music app not responding to volume up/down is gone. Secondly my KIK app mow works well again.

    I'll keep this updated if I see a battery improvement

    Posted via CB10
    02-17-14 07:48 PM
  2. fabio1's Avatar
    2141 works fine with me, wipe, backup and Restore apps. Battery settled down now, APN fixed with Blackberry registration and Calender is super fast.
    02-17-14 11:32 PM
  3. yellowhammer's Avatar
    After giving it 2 days to settle, 2141 battery life is noticeably better than 1925. If you're having problems, try a security wipe and reload of the OS.

    Posted via CB10
    02-18-14 12:53 AM
  4. gelbesuboot's Avatar
    Battery life on my Z10 - after 2102 upgrade - is now 24 hours. Thank you BlackBerry.

    Posted via CB10
    02-18-14 01:19 AM
  5. SonySandy's Avatar
    I've also upgraded, I found the 1925 release was a battery drain, even after 2 weeks settling time.

    Can't help but tweak though so i've side loaded the camera bar with face recognition (works) and the Porsche clock bar hack too.

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    02-18-14 03:06 AM
  6. Will Alexander's Avatar
    I loaded OS on Friday (verizon z10). Battery was bad for the first couple of days (like most updates). Today was the first day I saw a major improvement. Seems better than 1925 now.


    Posted via CB10
    02-20-14 07:21 AM
  7. ravipiero's Avatar
    I've never had a good battery life with Z10 on any OS, although I always did fresh install when I installed any OS.

    My battery last for only about 7-9 hours. I have an original charger bundle, and the battery came with that is also the same. I also had 4500 mAH battery that will last me the whole day no matter how I use my phone, but I can't stand it's bulk.

    Posted via CB10
    02-20-14 07:35 AM
  8. Zigac's Avatar
    Installed 2102 OTA on O2 Czech republic on Monday and I recognize significant battery drain since that. I have Q10 and about 6pm I usually have about 50-60% of the capacity, after upgrade I have about 20% max. The drain is about 10-12% per hour. Crazy, I never complainted about the battery on my Q10 since initial purchase last June, but now it really sucks. Seems that PIM services do that...
    02-20-14 07:51 AM
  9. Aqeeb Hussain's Avatar
    I've been having the same issues my battery life goes down 3 % in 5 mins if I don't use it, it also gets really hot!

    Posted via CB10
    02-20-14 04:22 PM
  10. Ferrari430Spider's Avatar
    Mate my I can relate!

    Mines doing the same!

    6 hours battery if in lucky and yeah like the drain is quick!

    Posted via CB10
    02-20-14 05:11 PM
  11. Ferrari430Spider's Avatar
    I've been having the same issues my battery life goes down 3 % in 5 mins if I don't use it, it also gets really hot!

    Posted via CB10
    Bro mines doing the same thing!

    I take it off charge in the morning

    Check a few messages etc and it drops to like 90% in like half hour :|

    Posted via CB10
    02-20-14 05:18 PM
  12. spikesolie's Avatar
    At this point I'm just gonna buy another battery pack. Double the life

    Posted via CB10
    02-21-14 12:28 AM
  13. Aqeeb Hussain's Avatar
    St first I thought I might have been the battery so I bought a new one but clearly not its a software issue

    Posted via CB10
    02-21-14 02:02 AM
  14. drum's Avatar
    Bro mines doing the same thing!

    I take it off charge in the morning

    Check a few messages etc and it drops to like 90% in like half hour :|

    Posted via CB10
    Exactly the same for me since the update to 1925, luckily I have an extra battery!

    Posted via my awesome z10
    02-21-14 02:55 AM
  15. afl777's Avatar
    Mine is the same, done a wipe last night to try see if it was an app that was doing it.....cos has an issue with one. But it's been bad since the latest official software update and in truth I wish I had not updated. Now my phone won't even last a day with light use, which is no good at all to me if I get out of the house....I need a phone I can rely on. The display % is still rising and I'm hoping it settles when it gets to 20 or 30%. Last night before the wipe it was 115%. I won't post pics in here cos I started a thread, but just thought I'd post in case anyone is counting how many are affected.

    Posted via CB10
    02-21-14 03:05 AM
  16. drum's Avatar
    Started using my phone this morning, checked email, Facebook, Twitter watched a short video and took a look at CB forums so an hour of use and battery dropped from 100% to 80%.

    Posted via my awesome z10
    02-21-14 03:21 AM
  17. Ferrari430Spider's Avatar
    Well hears mine from just taking off charge:

    Battery draining like crazy after os 2.1.2142-img_20140221_120937.png

    30 minutes and 10% down


    Posted via CB10
    02-21-14 06:10 AM
  18. huungryshark's Avatar
    My Z10 settled down now|
    Battery draining like crazy after os 2.1.2142-img_20140221_132628.png

    Posted via CB10
    02-21-14 06:28 AM
  19. SonySandy's Avatar
    I've not used my phone this morning. 4 hours off the charger and i've like checked the time once. Battery has discharged 30% in that time.

    Only thing different is I forgot to switch off wifi when leaving the house this morning.

    I have no push email, and I get a good mobile signal at work.

    I'm running 2141, have been all week.

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    Attachment 249862
    02-21-14 06:31 AM
  20. catish's Avatar
    Excuse me, what's CB10? Is that an app for CrackBerry?
    02-21-14 07:28 AM
  21. afl777's Avatar
    Excuse me, what's CB10? Is that an app for CrackBerry?
    Yes....its for BB10 phones and you'll find it in Blackberry World. Just type CB10 in the search
    02-21-14 07:44 AM
  22. thanhvx's Avatar
    Ive noticed that since I install an apk file then battery gone bad. Still bad now. This not happen with. 1925.

    It's not a phone, it's a ?
    02-21-14 08:03 AM
  23. richrockx's Avatar
    I had a couple of experiences like that until I started following this path:
    1) Backup as a precaution.
    2) Run the autoloader

    3) Set up the completed and updated phone far enough to allow access to the Security Wipe sub file
    4) Run the security wipe.
    5) Set up the phone after the security wipe to full operational status
    6) Reinstall apps from Blackberry world
    7) Side load Snap
    8) Reinstall needed Android apps from Google Play using Snap
    9) Do not attempt to install data, such as contacts from Link. Install contacts from the cloud where I keep them backed up.

    After that, I never again had problems with wild battery drain.

    Some can follow this procedure and some can't. If you cannot, I now recommend utilizing a non-destructive update though Sachesi. Worked perfectly for me going from to and my phone is now working better than ever. (STL100-3). Also, there was no need to reinstall apps or data, all of it was already there after finishing the install.

    Choose your method. Either should work if done carefully.
    So I went from or so to with sachesi nondestructive but would prefer not to do this destructively

    Via CB10, Brklyn, NY
    02-21-14 08:06 AM
  24. avokodo's Avatar
    Bro mines doing the same thing!

    I take it off charge in the morning

    Check a few messages etc and it drops to like 90% in like half hour :|

    Posted via CB10
    Exactly the same problem.

    Posted via CB10
    02-21-14 08:22 AM
  25. akawarrior's Avatar
    1925 took 12 days to totally settle down. I am on day 8 of 2141 and it is
    definitely better then 1925 was at this point by about 20 to 25%. 1925 at
    day 8 started to drift day by day better and better till day 12 and then BOOM.
    I expect 2141 to be no different as every 10.2.1 I have installed has reacted
    close to this pattern + or - 10 to 20 %. This was a close match to the stock
    factory OS which was 10.0 or 10.1 when I bought the phone. I don't really
    remember that was close to a year ago.
    Now, lets look at first what we are dealing with here. Look at all the features
    that have been added much less the ability to now direct load apk's. This is
    just the embryo of the new abilities and beginning of what will come. 10's are
    the cutting edge of what some people call a CELL PHONE. It's not just
    a cell phone but a hand held PC. It has the power and capabilities of a PC
    and much much more. It has communications capabilities
    that a PC has but advanced with Bluetooth, NFC, Wifi, Cellular, ETC.
    It has processor speeds of a PC. Memory capabilities of a PC but more.
    Compass, Gyroscope & GPS. Location detection, TOUCHSCREEN,
    HI DEF VIDEO 1080p and the list goes on & on.
    A PC just wishes it could do even part of that and they only get around 4 to 6
    hours of battery use. Well unless you pay for more. Some people here are
    complaining about 4 to 6 hours on a 10. I have read posts here from people
    who say "I only got about a hundred apps install, I'm on the net touch screening
    web pages as fast as I can flip them, Twitter, Facebook & god knows what else
    in a days time at 1080p with a new OS trying to settle in that's not only a SMART PHONE
    adjusting to a new user but settling into a new provider (they are all different) and only
    they know what is being adjusted and tweaked in the phone with everything else.
    Then you read "MY BATTERY LIFE SUCKS" lol no crap! You got to be kidding me.
    Sucks that bad huh? Dang! Poor you.. Go get you and Android that just runs Android
    aps filled with streaming ads and spyware. Go get you a iPhone that is basically
    the same. (I am not defending BB apps by the way) Give that poor little 10 a freaking
    chance guys.
    Next, you have people who build a house with a strong foundation (OS) then half
    way into it they go "This is too much work, heck i'll just stop right here and cut the
    top half off the old house and join it to the new foundation. Poof I'm done." Then
    wonder why the new house they just built falls down around their feet. I have over the
    last year added 7 or 8 new 10 OS's to that poor little z10 of mine always from WIPE
    to install, to scratch rebuild. I NEVER have any of the issues some have stated on
    new OS threads. NONE! My wifi works, Bluetooth, Notifications, Messaging, Radio,
    Camera, etc etc of what people (and you know the full list) always complain about.
    Puff... No, wonder.. Just my opinion and everyone has a right to one.. Bye the way...
    This 2141 ROCKS! Will it get better, of course.. This is the baby steps you have
    all heard about.. lol

    Last edited by akawarrior; 02-21-14 at 11:42 AM.
    02-21-14 08:23 AM
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