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    So out of nowhere my battery got better, I charged to 88% at 300pm, now it's basically 7 and I'm at 45%,played some music, used the Internet, and in currently on the phone for the past 40 minutes, huge improvement over the 3 hours I was getting -_- I guess it does take time for the battery to optimize I'm happy about it!

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    04-16-13 05:55 PM
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    Talking on the phone I meant to say.

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    04-16-13 05:56 PM
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    My battery got way better after I wiped my phone to try to clear up a different issue...
    04-16-13 06:23 PM
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    Just been saying the exact same thing on another thread. Give it time and you will get a better life out of it. I get easily between 14 to 18 hours on average with medium usage.
    Glad things are getting better for you in the battery department.

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    04-16-13 06:34 PM
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    Same here do far do good

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    04-16-13 06:40 PM
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    Yeah bro I'm happy, I mean 3 hours? I was crying lol, the stupid BlackBerry tech guy said to wait for the update, these people need more knowledge about the product, I learned more on these forums then from the dumb tech guy.
    "Check your charger"
    "Make sure it's plugged in correctly"
    "Check the port on your phone to see if its damaged"
    "Put your battery on a flat surface and see if it rocks when you tap it"
    Lmao where do they get these fools?omg

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    04-16-13 06:43 PM
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    He was probably being lazy and didn't wanna further investigate and just passed the buck onto the update, smh.

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    04-16-13 06:45 PM
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    I also took my wireless network connection off global and set it to 4G/cdma which has helped with the battery life.

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    04-16-13 08:43 PM
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    Here here. This would be nice

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    04-16-13 09:18 PM
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    He was probably being lazy and didn't wanna further investigate and just passed the buck onto the update, smh.

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    Typically level 1 tech support are low paid workers who know very little about the product/service they are supporting. They have a script they follow and at the end of said script sometimes you can get passed along to level 2 or even level 3 support. These are the people who know the product.
    04-16-13 09:34 PM
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    After a number of charge cycles over a few weeks the battery performance should improve. The battery chemical reaction becomes more stable (sort of speaking).

    A way to improve battery performance is to run the screen brightness on the low side if you can tolerate a dim screen. You want to also enjoy using the phone. Turn off unused options. For example if you are not using WiFi, you can turn off the WiFi option. It is the same for the Bluetooth.

    You can go in to the email account setups and increase the email download interval from 15 minutes to 20 or even 30 minutes if you don't mind the long wait to get email updates. The email account passwords may have to be re-entered to make the change.

    Running applications in the background will increase power usage. Applications that use streaming or data acquisition in the background will also decrease battery operation time. Only leave applications open that you require to be running.

    Lowering the data speed is another way of saving power. The full speed which is displayed in the Mobile Network setup menu will pull the most power. I use the second one down rather than the top one. For my type of use I don't need the maximum performance with the LTE. I only change it back to the full speed when I am tethering the phone and I require the extra speed.

    If you are making a WiFi hot spot with the phone this will pull a lot of power from the battery. It is best to use an external power source to the phone if you are using it as a hot spot for another device such as a tablet or laptop to access the web through your phone.

    I found talking on the phone uses less power than streaming data or browsing the net. The screen illumination and usage, with the constant data stream consumes a fair amount of power.

    For phones and tablets it is possible to buy an optional external battery pack. This will apply external battery power to make the device run longer. When buying one of these battery packs make sure you buy one that is rated for the manufacture of phone and or tablet you are using. It is possible to have ones that are original from Blackberry, or after-market ones that are from other manufactures.

    For those who are using tablets or any type phone these suggests can apply.
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    04-16-13 09:48 PM
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    Verizon users only have the 4GLTE option really. The Global setting just sets to 4G. No 3G or 2G networks are found...at least not on my device.
    04-16-13 10:03 PM
  13. pili4's Avatar
    Verizon users only have the 4GLTE option really. The Global setting just sets to 4G. No 3G or 2G networks are found...at least not on my device.
    Not on mine either...I just think it stops the phone from looking for them.

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    04-16-13 10:41 PM

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