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    Hey, I need a hand with what's become a stubborn email. A conversation thread between me and two others saw each of the emails appear in my work in box (MS Outlook) and on the work email in box on my Z10. One message in particular continues to show up as unread on my Z10; I've not been able to open it or delete it from my phone. Matter of fact, when I try to delete it, the email goes nowhere, it remains in my in box as an unread/unopened email message. Mind you, I've deleted it from my MS in box without incident. Out of curiosity for what would happen, I attempted to create a reply to this email, but get notification that the contents of the message cant be shown.

    Determined to not perform a battery pull, I've re-started my phone twice and refreshed my in box a couple of times too. I've restarted my hub as well. I figure there is a logical explanation, but I'm missing it. Once, I had a similar problem on my Bold 9930, but it was with a text that refused to go away. If memory serves me, I somehow found my way to contacts and recent activity. From there I was able to delete it, while it continued to show up no matter how many times I deleted it from my sms in box.

    Not a huge deal, but a major annoyance to have my Hub indicate I have one unread message when it's one I can't open, delete, reply to, file, etc;al Has anyone had this issue and know how to resolve it? Thanks in advance.
    12-02-13 05:54 PM
  2. raw_dog's Avatar
    Since it is a work e-mail, I am going to assume that it may have to do with a corrupt or old security certificate. I run into that on my Bold from time to time when I get an email from my old job on my new BB. I can't open it or delete it, so I usually have to let the IT guy go in and sync it with my Outlook Enterprise account from their end. Thankfully that happens only every six months or so.
    12-02-13 08:08 PM
  3. Danubian's Avatar
    Took a whole to put together the right search terms, but I eventually found a few threads that spell out exactly what I am contending with. The only answer seems to be a security wipe, or OS updates.

    It's annoying as hell to continue having my hub show an unread email which has been read, replied to and deleted at my desktop, but remain on my phone. I will just have to suck it up for now.

    Posted via CB10
    12-02-13 10:39 PM

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