1. brian_peterson's Avatar
    So, I want to "archive" my Facebook messages. I tried on the desktop web app to do it. It did not update my HUB... Maybe it will I am not sure... But an archived message in the desktop facebook is still showing up in my hub.

    I deleted a message I did not care about from my phone... It's gone now... Phone and desktop and did not show up in the archive... That's a bummer.

    Basically, I like managing my HUB / Universal Inbox down to nothing. But I rarely delete things. Facebook does not support folders. Also, interesting they don't follow the 30 day rule like IMAP email.

    Anyway, maybe the archived ones on the desktop will go away after some time... I am not sure. I will try and reboot. If that does work out it's interesting that the Facebook app on the Z10 does not have archive feature... Although I have not tried "deleting" in the Facebook app to see if it goes into the desktop's archive... But on the phone you can't see the archive... Which is fine by me...

    It seems like a few rough edges could be ironed out here!
    03-29-13 11:34 AM
  2. manonthemoon's Avatar
    Yeah I did that my first day owning the Z10, deleting one Facebook Messenger thread I had going for a long time. Kind of sucks as I would go back to stuff within that thread. Oh well. Yeah I wonder after a period of time what my Hub will look like if I can't hide them in some way.
    03-30-13 05:25 PM

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