1. TruoG's Avatar
    hello everyone!
    i had z10 ver newest. when i update this version my network setting > apn botton was gone. i live in japan and using softbank sim, i must change apn setting to connect internet service @@ someone can teach me how to add or appear apn bottom ?
    i tried escreen but i dont know how to use it!
    Attached Thumbnails APN setting unable Z10-img_20140206_164634.jpg  
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    02-06-14 12:54 AM
  2. redchilli88's Avatar
    02-06-14 05:50 AM
  3. iwanloth's Avatar
    I am using and getting the Escreen is not possible
    02-19-14 08:51 PM
  4. Glow123's Avatar
    I am using and getting the Escreen is not possible
    I've been able to access Escreen on I had to go into Settings/Developer Tools on the Browser and set Desktop Mode to On. Good luck.
    02-20-14 01:56 AM
  5. scrannel's Avatar
    Have you tried accessing your APNs by the "back door" -- going through the Hub? Hub > 3dots > settings > text messages > advanced. Go to bottom. Are APN settings active here?
    02-20-14 06:28 AM

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