1. Bisboxer's Avatar
    The area to Change the APN setting to Telgo.ca (to avoid roaming charges) is greyed out and I am unable to make the change needed to use data. Does any one know how to deal fix this so I can make the change necessary? Yes the phone is unlocked.
    01-09-14 02:56 PM
  2. scrannel's Avatar
    Have you tried removing your SIM and then checking the setting? I believe, when this is locked, it's done by a carrier. Not sure if it would stick, though.
    01-09-14 09:19 PM
  3. Bisboxer's Avatar
    yes I tried that but still cant change the APN. According to Telgo this happed with the last operating system update from Blackberry. I was sure some one here would have a work around.
    01-10-14 08:48 AM
  4. scrannel's Avatar
    Well, there is a work around. But first, if you can, would try one more thing: a different carrier's SIM. I believe the carrier locks the APN and unsure if you have to use another carrier to open it back up.

    The work-around is the engineering screen. You can do a search for how to use it (never done it myself) or someone here can lay that out for you.
    01-10-14 10:14 AM
  5. anon(3987448)'s Avatar
    Do you have a Telgo SIM

    Is your phone unlocked.

    If yes to both,

    Try loading the latest leak OS as the option to change APN is available

    Z10STL100-3/ on Bell with Unlimited Data
    Bisboxer likes this.
    01-10-14 11:03 AM
  6. Bisboxer's Avatar
    Yes to both, I have the Telgo sim card and yes my Z10 is unlocked. Where would I find latest leaked OS
    01-16-14 04:30 PM
  7. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    Yes to both, I have the Telgo sim card and yes my Z10 is unlocked. Where would I find latest leaked OS

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    01-16-14 04:34 PM
  8. Bisboxer's Avatar
    I did load the leaked OS but still could not change the APN. I now have the official on my other Z10 and with my Rogers sim card I am able to change APN, but still on the other Z10 with Telgo sim can not change the APN setting. I am now going to research how to remove the leaked OS and install the official one to see if that makes a difference.
    02-01-14 09:03 AM

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