04-20-13 01:38 AM
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    1. In my opinion, I think the best possible solution would be to implement both of these features. Z10 notification light is great for when your phone is on sleep sitting on your desk as you can just glance over at it to see if there are any notifications waiting for you. iPhone doesn't have anything like this but in terms of notifications when you are using the phone, I prefer iOS as I can see the ribbon at the top of the page telling me what the notification is. Ideally, there would be ribbon notifications as well as a notifications light as this would be the best of both worlds IMO.

    2. I think iOS and BB10 are both equally smooth throughout the stock parts of the OS. In terms of apps, I did notice some slowdown on a few BB10 apps but I have also seen this in iOS apps as well so it's hard to make much of a distinction here.
    Thanks. I agree on the notifications part for sure. I'd definitely like the best of both worlds.

    As for the slowdown on BB10, I've noticed it on several of the stock apps. It's not a complete freeze, more of a framerate drop. I really notice it in the stock settings app when scrolling and in the web browser when scrolling around zoomed in pages. Things get very "sluggish" for lack of a better term.

    I also notice that BB10 had a slight to moderate delay when clicking certain buttons within apps both 3rd party and 1st party. Using the settings app as an example again, there is always a small delay from when you tap an option until the page slide animation starts to bring up the next screen. It's not a huge delay, just annoying when you're used to buttons responding instantly. Not all on screen controls behave this way though, it seems to be mostly related to ones that change "pages".
    03-28-13 12:56 PM
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    I just got my z10 from At&t today. So amazing. I have a question. What do I need to do for first 3 times full charge?
    I used to use my old ip4s until its battery is empty, so I charged it full 8 hours ( first 3 times). So I need to do the way like that?


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    04-05-13 08:01 PM
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    I have no issue with my Z10. And I just checked it plays music fine while sleeping.

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    04-05-13 08:22 PM
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    Stop riding elevators. Next Question.
    04-20-13 01:27 AM
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    Battery life has improved ten times over since I first got the z10. I can't praise this phone enough.

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    04-20-13 01:30 AM
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    I can't in good conscience recommend the Z10 to anyone to be honest. In 2013, there are better devices to spend your money on, no doubt.

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    04-20-13 01:38 AM
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