1. csiguy1's Avatar
    Anyone know if DropBox and Evernote will be available at launch?
    01-11-13 11:54 PM
  2. TheQ805's Avatar
    it appears as though evernote is somewhat baked into the OS with the blackberry remember/tasks app (is that the right one?). I remember seeing rumblings here on the forums a while back that dropbox should be in there as well. I think it was even on dev alphas at jam americas a few months back (that rim reps were showing off).
    01-12-13 12:06 AM
  3. hopeforfx's Avatar
    01-12-13 12:09 AM
  4. ffejrobins30's Avatar
    With how deeply integrated they both are into the OS itself, I doubt we'll see it for a couple months after launch.

    Seriously though, I'm sure it'll be available as soon as you boot that bad boy up.
    01-12-13 12:39 AM
  5. BergerKing's Avatar
    Good about Evernote, and I expected that they would support BB. I've gotten to using it more and more, and it is growing on me. Dropbox has been my go-to for a while, now, especially after I went to the SIII. I back up all of my work paperwork for easy access.
    01-12-13 12:40 AM
  6. kevinnugent's Avatar
    I'd want Dropbox. That's for sure.
    01-12-13 12:48 AM
  7. greatwiseone's Avatar
    There has been numerous leaks showing Dropbox icon. Quite sure it will be there at launch.
    01-12-13 02:03 AM
  8. Pilchard's Avatar
    There has been numerous leaks showing Dropbox icon. Quite sure it will be there at launch.
    I was shown a Z10 briefly recently and Dropbox was on it and working so I expect it to be there at launch. Email attachments from Dropbox would be very useful to me.
    01-12-13 01:07 PM
  9. BSFA2008's Avatar
    I've heard the same info as the others above regarding dropbox and evernote. I also heard that box was going to be integrated. If THAT'S correct, I'd be very happy, 50 GBs of cloud storage!
    01-12-13 03:14 PM
  10. siefer999's Avatar
    Twitter is integrated into the playbook but there is no dedicated twitter app, just sayin'
    01-12-13 03:30 PM
  11. Sith_Apprentice's Avatar
    Both will be there
    01-12-13 03:38 PM
  12. calicocat2010's Avatar
    Yeah there's already a CB blog posted stating: DropBox, Box and SkyDrive are confirmed.

    And yes Evernote is baked in for we saw a leak on that too.
    01-12-13 04:49 PM
  13. pmccartney's Avatar

    OP - for a CSI Guy...you're not being very investigative
    01-12-13 05:30 PM
  14. eninrebmun's Avatar
    Files & Folders is a Playbook application I don't go a day without using; it's going to be available for BB10 as well. It gives me access to Dropbox, Sugarsync, Box, Skydrive, BB Bridge and Google Drive... not to mention it's a great file manager. I do hope all vendors make native apps, just on principle, but I foresee myself using Files & Folders anyway. Evernote? yes, as mentioned here already... pretty tightly integrated, which I love.
    01-14-13 06:15 PM
  15. nikgilbe's Avatar
    Hi folks. Has anyone managed to get the Evernote integration working ? If I go in via Accounts/Evernote, it just sits there saying accessing my account for about 20 minutes, then finally gives up the ghost and tells me "Access to your account online is currently unavailable - please try again later". At no point have I entered my Evernote login so not sure what it's trying to do

    02-04-13 05:57 AM

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