1. russmov's Avatar
    Some pretty great pics thanks.
    04-21-13 06:48 PM
  2. Kris Simundson's Avatar

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    Yes it was all that Damn lazy cats fault

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    04-21-13 06:50 PM
  3. Atentozedten's Avatar

    Any HDR photos yet?-img_00000099.jpg

    Any HDR photos yet?-img_00000098_hdr.jpg

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    04-21-13 06:51 PM
  4. IgotsThis's Avatar
    Where does everyone live?? Lol I see pictures next to mountain ranges, forests, jungles

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    04-21-13 06:54 PM
  5. Atentozedten's Avatar
    Where does everyone live?? Lol I see pictures next to mountain ranges, forests, jungles

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    Haha that's exactly what I was thinking when browsing through the thread.
    I am currently in Eagle Rock, CA

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    04-21-13 07:10 PM
  6. jdhooghe's Avatar
    Davis, California

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    04-21-13 07:47 PM
  7. Kris Simundson's Avatar
    Non HDR
    Any HDR photos yet?-img_00000197.jpg

    Any HDR photos yet?-img_00000197_hdr.jpg

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    04-21-13 08:09 PM
  8. theage's Avatar
    Any HDR photos yet?-img_00000088.jpg

    Any HDR photos yet?-img_00000087_hdr.jpg

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    04-21-13 08:26 PM
  9. Douken's Avatar
    You guys are doing it wrong. Take a picture of yourself with the sun behind.

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    04-21-13 08:45 PM
  10. cbdwolff7's Avatar
    WOW my cat is about that size also and just as furry. Only the big fur Ball is orange. Nice Pics.
    04-21-13 08:52 PM
  11. Douken's Avatar
    Something like this. The focus point in your face. You might need an assistant for this.

    Any HDR photos yet?-img_00000615.jpg

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    04-21-13 08:57 PM
  12. wolf_359's Avatar
    HDR will only be noticeable in pictures that have a wide dynamic range. The picture with the cat is what I would call a "flat" picture, it's dynamic range is limited, so their isn't really a discernible difference.
    I see.....thanks.
    04-21-13 09:16 PM
  13. rexxenex's Avatar
    Can't wait to get this function! Keep posting the nice shots!

    Posted via CB10 on my Z10
    04-21-13 10:06 PM
  14. Gees97's Avatar
    Very satisfied with what I'm seeing here throb these posts. I like HDR so far

    Sent From My BlackBerry Z10
    04-21-13 10:19 PM
  15. Gees97's Avatar

    Sent From My BlackBerry Z10
    04-21-13 10:20 PM
  16. Judson50's Avatar
    Thank you for doing this......no offence, but the non HDR looks better. Why is that?
    I agree. Same on iPhone too. I think HDR always looks manufactured.
    04-21-13 10:20 PM
  17. La Emperor's Avatar
    To appreciate HDR, you need a wide dynamic range scene (i.e. areas with dark/shades mixed with light areas). I shrunk my pics to 25% and cropped them, since I was afraid they'd be too large here. Anyway:


    Attachment 153524

    Attachment 153525

    Notice the trees/shaded area as well as the top of the balcony show better detail with HDR on.
    Very impressive. If I may add, the part of the road where it starts to curve to the right, plus the rows of smaller trees.
    04-22-13 02:53 PM
  18. chi-town311's Avatar
    Will this be an option for the video camera?

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    04-22-13 02:57 PM
  19. sgt_snacks-64's Avatar
    Any HDR photos yet?-img_20130299_hdr.jpg
    HDR image

    Any HDR photos yet?-img_20130299.jpg
    NON HDR image

    Just to clarify, for those who may not be aware. HDR photography is the art of combining a high exposure and low exposure photo together in order to get greater detail.

    For example, in my images above, where the sofa is a dark colour. The detail is not present in the non HDR photo. Where as with HDR, and the presence of a high exposure shot "combined into the image " you can clearly see greater detail.

    This is something that isn't available in a video capture function.

    Edit: Wikipedia explains it better:

    HDR methods provide higher dynamic range from the imaging process. Non-HDR cameras take pictures at one exposure level with a limited contrast range. This results in the loss of detail in bright or dark areas of a picture, depending on whether the camera had a low or high exposure setting. HDR compensates for this loss of detail by taking multiple pictures at different exposure levels and intelligently stitching them together to produce a picture that is representative in both dark and bright areas.
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    04-22-13 03:02 PM
  20. Young Z's Avatar
    I agree. Same on iPhone too. I think HDR always looks manufactured.
    Don't want to argue with you, but HDR is closer to representing what the human eye can see than the conventional way a camera captures a photo.

    The camera does not see our world the way we see it through our own eyes. Our eyes or the way we visualize things can register the the bright highlights and the dark shadows at the same time more efficiently then a conventional camera, our eyes are able to take both extremes and processes it in a way where we cane make sense of both lighting extremes... up to a point of course.

    The HDR technology/method is just trying to mimic what our eyes tries to do automatically. The caveat is that each developer can adjust how extreme the HDR manipulation can be on the app. So if you do think that HDR looks too manufactured, it could be due to the developer or artist putting the settings/algorithm to too extreme of a level for your taste(which can be said for anything).

    Btw: HDR is not a new technology that is only for digital merging. Photographers have used this method with films as well from way back.

    Sorry if I over simplified, not trying to write a paper on my CB app

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    04-22-13 03:16 PM
  21. SirJes's Avatar
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_00000088.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_00000087_hdr.jpg 
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    This and the window shots show the best examples

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    04-22-13 03:29 PM
  22. WolvieMkM's Avatar
    Is there also a 1:1 ratio option now?

    Posted via CB10
    On the Q10 yes there is.
    04-22-13 03:46 PM
  23. rjedge54's Avatar
    Here is a photo I took on the way to our cafeteria for coffee today.

    Non HDR

    Any HDR photos yet?-img_00000135.jpg


    Any HDR photos yet?-img_00000135_hdr.jpg

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    04-22-13 04:02 PM
  24. sgt_snacks-64's Avatar
    HDR would have really helped when I visited this castle last Friday.

    Any HDR photos yet?-img_20130232_edit_edit.jpg

    Posted via CB10
    04-22-13 04:12 PM
  25. megazeroxzvk's Avatar
    So when we take it against the light.. HDR is supposed to light up the areas which r dark due to that light source..?

    Light.Src ---> ("Subject") <---("Me taking photo with z10")

    Usually in this case the subject will appear dark.. but HDR will make it brighter right?..

    Posted via CB10
    04-22-13 04:33 PM
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