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    Don't even get me started on duplicates and weirdly linked contact issues, I've learned to put up with that as it didn't really affect the functionality of the phone.

    Latest issue does affect it though. Badly.

    I went to compose a text message in the hub. In the 'to:' field i started writing my friends name. Gareth. Up pops his Facebook contact. I was pretty sure that contact didn't have his phone number in, which I'd added manually as a separate contact from the off. I went to the contacts app and searched for gareth. Only his Facebook contact comes up. Odd, I thought. I check that contact and it does not have his phone number stored.

    Leaving the search screen i manually scroll down to G in the list of contacts, and there as expected were two contacts saved as gareth. The Facebook one and the one I'd manually put in with his phone number.

    I tried again with a different contact that I know I have listed twice, once as a Facebook contact and once with a phone number, bbm, address etc. Same thing. Searching only brings up the Facebook contact.

    Big flaw. You're trying to compose a text message and you type in the name of the person to text, and it won't show contacts with phone numbers if you also have them listed separately as a fb contact. Wtf.

    Why the actual hell can't they get this most basic and important part of the phone to work properly. I couldn't give a rats arse about whether I can now load instagram on my phone, I just want to be able to send a damn text message and be able to view my contacts!!!!

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    02-09-14 09:55 AM
  2. sklotz2000's Avatar
    You just need to link the 2 accounts.
    Open up the contact (Gareth).
    Click on the overflow menu (3 dots in bottom right corner)
    Click on "Links"
    At the bottom, click on "Add Link"
    Browse to the other Gareth in your contacts list, and select it.
    That's it... it's an extra step, but that'll fix it for good. Both contacts are now linked to each other.
    02-09-14 10:05 AM
  3. aft1981's Avatar
    They were all linked at one point. I've had the phone a year and a week now. I had to unlink most contacts because of another issue months ago.

    Point is, I shouldn't have to link them. Because I have two contacts called gareth, one a fb one and one a local contact, there is no reason they both shouldn't show up when searching for 'gareth'. What if they weren't the same person. What if i knew two gareths, one on fb and one just a local contact. Obviously I wouldn't want to link them.

    Oh, almost forgot my other big issue. Why has the contacts app randomly started adding email addresses as contacts. There is no rhyme nor reason to which ones get added. More than half of the contacts that have been added (about 15) are from junk email that I deleted without even reading. During the course of a week I receive work emails from around 60-80 individual email addresses. About 30 have been added to my contacts list, just as an email address, no other fields completed. Odd, and annoying.

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    02-09-14 10:16 AM
  4. tntmom2013's Avatar
    This is driving me crazy as well! I tried to add my nephew's new phone number using edit and it said it was saved but it hasn't been, I have added him as a local contact but now I can't link his FB contact to the local contact! It's VERY Frustrating and duplicates WAY too many contacts!

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    02-09-14 10:19 AM
  5. graxyq's Avatar
    The contacts have been acting up for me too for the past one week, out of the 1000+ contacts, all of a sudden only 50 will show up especially after a search in the contact (after I have cancelled the search). This has started to happen after the latest update on the Z10.

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    02-09-14 10:36 AM
  6. sgollapalle's Avatar
    Finding it pretty frustrating as well. In OS7 and prior, there used to be a setting in the contacts app not to allow duplicates... Also, the facebook app used to have a setting to 'not sync' facebook contacts with my phone contacts; facebook seems to have killed that option as well.

    On your e-mails, you have the option to not sync contacts, so hopefully that will get the non-sense e-mail addresses from getting added.

    I still haven't fully switched to using the z10.. But I'm seriously considering uninstalling the fb app.... coz I'm pretty damn sure, it will try to sync again and create duplicates
    02-13-14 09:42 PM
  7. RetroAndreas's Avatar
    I've been having disappearing co.tacts happen as well using contacts synced with outlook.com. Rebooting the device fixes the problem but There us def. A bug that needs to be fixed

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    02-13-14 11:55 PM
  8. FF22's Avatar
    I just ran into this the other day. (it may have happened before but I was not aware and re-added and deleted some contact so that they would show). I wanted to call my Sister. She is entered by name with email, address, phone, etc. But I had also entered her as an ICE (In case of Emergency) separately.

    Well, I tried searching for her first name. No dice. I scrolled the list - No dice. I sent to the letter M - well, no dice. She did not exist. I know she did and does. I then went to the ICE entry. She was there - I started editing it to copy info and I found it was a LINK entry. I do not recall ever setting up a Link entry. I don't even know what they are. I just wanted her by name and (for the EMT's, if necessary, to find her under ICE).

    I played a bit and got her separated out. I'm not sure at this point who else has been LINKED and, therefore, does not appear the way ***I WANT***

    I don't want Help from some STUPID automated enabler that does not understand my needs/wants/wishes.

    I was totally exasperated since there was a reason I NEEDED to call my sister and could not find her using Search, Scroll or Alpha-letter. How could the stupid phone just decide to hide her in some Link fashion to the ICE number!

    At this point I don't know who else the phone has hidden under an alias but ...

    Is there a GLOBAL way to not have any LINKS. I just want a straight contact list where every name/entry I put in just shows (even if I'm stupid enough to duplicate them myself (as opposed to the phone's other stupid propensity to dupe and trip entries!!!!!)

    Okay, my tirade is over (for the moment!)
    02-14-14 04:43 PM
  9. niss63's Avatar
    The contacts app has been a high maintenance app for me. Many things have gone wrong and cost me lost information and lost time tracking down and reentering information.

    Recently it is random duplicate phone numbers or phone numbers moved to "other," or even moved to a different contact. Either that, or randomly linking contacts with similar information (husband and wife have same last name, same address, and same home phone, they get linked about half the time - one disappears and I have to hunt them down.)

    Yes, this is basic and it needs to work.

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    02-14-14 07:28 PM

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