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    I've had a mobile since the Cantel days and recent phones have been the Bold 9000, iPhone 3G and a Galaxy Nexus for the last 2 years. I have a wifi PlayBook, as well as a Nexus 7.2 and enjoy both for different purposes. I was getting bored of Jelly Bean and was searching for a new phone. I don't like dealing with iTunes and WP8 is not for me. I was going to order a Nexus 5, but went for the Z10. This is the best mobile phone I've ever had! Calls are so good on the handset, speaker, or bluetooth that I am actually making more calls. The virtual keyboard is the best I've ever used and the messaging is in a class of its own. BB10.2 is so integrated and smooth, I think BlackBerry did a fantastic job on the OS. There are so many amazing features of this phone and OS that can only be realized by owning one. Having said that, BlackBerry did not do a very good job marketing the features.

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    11-14-13 02:30 PM
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    Agree with everything said.

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    11-14-13 04:03 PM
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    There's a cohesiveness and efficiency that keeps me using my Z10 as a primary.
    11-14-13 04:59 PM
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    I don't know how well the Z30 is selling but it's a real shame the Z10 wasn't launched with 10.2! I think the phone is built well & is a perfect size for me but unfortunately, suspect there won't be a successor to this model because of the write down, which I don't believe to be an accurate reflection of the phone itself. I'd LOVE to see a next generation Z10 with more memory & few other changes as I'm perfectly content with this phone!
    I'm one who is completely over the physical keyboard so will have to choose between their touch screen offerings. Hopefully this will be one of them!

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    11-14-13 05:17 PM

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