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    As the title says, this is a very weird issue, hopefully some of you were able to resolve it if you experienced it. I was on my phone, I did not install any new apps at all recently.

    The last thing I did today before noticing that everything was gone was to check for new app updates on BlackBerry World and noticing that the usual message that usually displays did not come up. I also did a normal device restart to by holding the power button. That is it.

    After that I went into music, nothing is there, pictures, nothing..

    The screenshot below shows a 2.0GB of other data (cannot be found on the SD anywhere - unsure what this is) and all the folders on my SD card are empty.
    ALL MEDIA wiped from SD Card randomly-img_00000340.png

    Has anyone experienced this?


    EDIT: I was able to recover my files using a recovery software (Recuva, EaseUS Data Recovery)
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    03-28-13 03:19 PM
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    Just had this same thing happen to me this week. Bizarre, and annoying. Thanks for the recovery tips, in the process of recovering now.
    01-24-14 03:25 AM
  3. Javid Gozalov's Avatar
    Wow insane! Lucky you recovered it!

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    01-24-14 03:58 AM
  4. tgillan's Avatar
    I had this happen many times last year when I first got my phone. I formatted the card, reloaded the OS, nothing solves the problem and I would occasionally lose everything.

    I assume that there was something wrong with my card because I decided to use a different one and have had zero issues.

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    01-24-14 07:31 AM
  5. tgillan's Avatar
    Oh and the mysterious other data is probably junk data that isn't deleted properly. You can get the space back by formatting.

    Posted via CB10
    01-24-14 07:33 AM

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