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    Hello everyone

    Well this is my review of the blackberry Z10!

    Well here some background info my phone history, my first phone was the LG rumor which was pretty cool at the time but I use to see my aunt and my friends with blackberrys so I had to lie to my paraents that I lost my phone so I could get one lol any my first blackberry smartphone was the 9700 --> 9780 -- 9900. Joining blackberry was the best thing even! BBM, Internet browser and everything else but then I went to the dark side :O my friends got me into buying iphone 4S :| after having the phone for a little the only thing I liked was the apps but everything else was boring and I wanted a new blackberry so I said I will wait for the next blackberry to drop. Then I heared about the blackberry 10! From the first video the blackberry posted I was in love!! After I started telling all my friends once this shiit comes I'm going back I don't care what anyone thinks. After I showed them some videos they said maybe which I was okay with.

    So now we are where couples days from the lunch I got some 1 out of 3 of my friends to pre-order it. First day having this phone I may say I was speechless and so happy to be part of the blackberry team again trust me guys the phone made my smile, btw bell made me switch to blackberry plan which I was little upset about but I got to have my same plan with 6gb so I was happy. Back to the phone the hub I'm loving having the power to check all my emails Facebook and stuff in one area where I can reply to them and not have to hope a app crazy. The keyboard O_O! Had me jumping around crazy like a little kid high of cake lol its really cool that i type fast and if I mess up a word all I have to do is swipe back! Mind fuking blowing I swear to god. The camera is good for me but the camera shift is so sick love it a lot can't wait to use it more this summer. Battery life is godly, the first 2 to 3 days I was getting like 14hrs which is pretty good to me but I was not using so much but still good now I get 11+ alot better than my iphone 4S. Overall blackberry did a really good job well to me.

    Thinks I don't like and could change
    Don't like how the hub is left at the last place you where at :/ so much work to get back, they need to have a battery indicator for us I really don't like having the idea of having to use a app for this, it can't be that hard to add right? Can't really think of anything else the Littles bugs it has now I can't even get man cause its new brand new OS system so that's w/e.

    Showing people my phone they love it and work I'm the guy with the new blackberry lol "Hey what's up blackberry 10", "Mr.blackberry" lol also u have a coworkers at my place which is I sheep we fight about which is better apple or blackberry but when in talking about the new blackberry he starts side tracking about apple came out with a computer and stuff which gets to me so I just stop at that. But yeah I'm trying to show everyone the new blackberry one downside kids my age (19) ask me all the time it could instagram? I have to lie and say it's on its way so 2 weeks or so -.-" there reply back "Awww bro I would but I need apps and shiit like instagram, they got some pretty sexy girls on That". Also I can't lie I do miss my apps little instagram,netflix and my gym stuff but I will just wait.

    Well that's my review hope you guys are having fun with you're Z10 like me :P black Sheep team!! Oh yeah this was all done on the z10 with the CrackBerry App loving this keyboard Geez its good to have a blackberry a again .

    Posted using CrackBerry App on BB10
    02-12-13 07:11 PM
  2. r0v3rT3N's Avatar
    I remember the LG Rumour, oh man!
    Hard to believe that was released 6 years ago!
    02-12-13 07:47 PM

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