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    I was extremely excited after installing OS update yesterday, but already started to regret it :-(

    I have my work email set up as ActiveSync account, and Sent messages are not syncing/showing after the OS update. All settings on my Z10 seem correct, and - so far - a number of reboots and setting toggles didn't help at all. Does anyone experience similar issue? Really hope for a solution here...

    *SOLVED THE ISSUE* - it was as simple as sending a test message from my Z10. Magically, all Sent items are back where they should be.

    Last edited by JJonPB; 01-30-14 at 05:07 AM. Reason: Solved the issue
    01-30-14 04:07 AM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    cool, glad you found a solution
    01-31-14 12:48 PM

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